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Hey there Friend……welcome to Method39! Let’s chat……I’m so glad you are here, and hope you’ve had a chance to browse some of the content I have (and that you will keep coming back, because more is on its way).

This blog is a way of expressing my thoughts in the BIG world of fashion….a global industry that is so much bigger than any of us can really comprehend. It’s easy to think that the people in our own town are the fashion influencers for the day to day; but there is such a huge world out there, why not see what others have to say about Style! There is room for all kinds of interpretation and that is, TRULY, what makes our style Authentic and Original….and that is truly my goal….to help you find YOUR Method to Style.

Me….I AM often in heels….I just love them (not all are made equal though….that is FOR SURE!), yet I know alot of people don’t roll like that. My goal is to share style tips that are useful to EVERYONE.  Because as soon as I get home, ALL the jewels come off (except my diamond necklace – see my tab Finish The Look and go to Covet…they are perfect to be worn 24/7), the heels go back in the closet, the great denim comes off (so it doesn’t get any more wear and tear than absolutely necessary), and I’m pretty much back in an outfit that looks alot like the one with this post…..I AM a mom of two you know! There is cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, after school activities and snuggles to fit in every day after I’m done working. I love my comfy GAP pajama pants paired with my chunky knit sweater (which is sold out but this is another GREAT LIGHTWEIGHT OPTION) and a pair of slippers!

So if this sounds a little bit like you, where you love to put your best foot forward when you leave the house, OR want to learn how to find your Method to Authentic Style because it’s been a while, then let’s be friends, and gab over a hot cup of coffee, in our comfies, about fashion and creativity…what we think of it, what speaks to us, what doesn’t, why “it matters” and everything in between.



Photo credit to Torry Ludwar (@tluds)….my super awesome friend who comes to spend an hour or so with me, once in a while, to take pictures, because I’m a brand new blogger and she’s got a new found love of photography, and while we don’t have to be great to start, you DO have to start to be great! Love you girl!

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