Any Given Tuesday

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Diane Von Furstenberg with Rag & Bone

Yes, I love to dress “up”. On any given day you will find me in jeans and heels. This particular Tuesday, even though I had nowhere special to go; but the bank and then grocery store, I decided it was a day worth looking great for. Besides, it’s like choosing to use your fine china a little more often than just those incredibly special occasions!

You’ve heard me talk about fabric before and this top is no exception. Another 100% silk piece. This one is by Diane von Furstenberg and it was from Bloomingdales in San Francisco about five years ago! I’m telling you, get the good stuff once in a while, take care of it, and you will be loving it for YEARS to come! I LOVE the unusual details on this piece….from the gathered sleeve and waistbands to the super flowy drape of the arms and back. Although, I have to say, I’m currently loving this little pink number for summer and think a bold statement necklace will look GREAT with it! DVF

It’s the unexpected flair paired with these Rag & Bone Boyfriend Denim that I think is the perfect way to Level Up your look, just ‘cuz you wanna. (shop that look here: Rag & Bone)

The Heels were purchased at good ‘ol Marshalls; but they are Ivanka Trump. What I loved is the grey and snakeskin combination, and I actually can handle rockin’ these pumps an entire day. These are an older style; but you can check out her new styles on Amazon (and if you are a Prime Member, you can have them in TWO DAYS!)…check out these awesome full Cage Booties. SO CUTE!

So no matter where you go today, make your Method to getting dressed all about capitalizing on how you are feeling, because what you put out there is what you get back ladies! And if you aren’t feeling your best, get yourself dressed, make up on and hair did….and “fake it til you make it”! Don’t be afraid to look great and feel great at the same time….when you do, you walk taller, smile more, and guess what….you are just naturally spreading your joy around and that is a GOOD thing! Plus, when you do this, and greet the world with your head held high, you will naturally look people in the eyes, likely be smiling, and I promise you, they will smile back. It’s contagious like yawning; but only better!

Xoxo Taryn



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