Back in Black


Tuesday, November 15th, I was sick and tired of being and feeling sick and tired, SO….what else do you do but shower, get ready for the day and fake it til I felt better!

Mom’s have to do this kind of thing, you see. I’ve spent the last three weeks in a whirlwind. A super fun week of multiple style sessions to help ladies accessorize themselves for the Fall Season with the latest and greatest Stella & Dot collections, making an unexpected trip home to Alberta from Texas to be with family while we laid our grandmother to rest, flew home to a very busy week of more style sessions, laundry, groceries and just getting back into the groove. Then my kids got sick…yep, they waited for me to get home before the viruses going around the school unleashed its fury on them.

First my oldest, then my youngest. Everything from warding off sinus and ear infections to walking pneumonia. (I didn’t even know that was a THING). And like any Mom would, there were cuddles, love and getting up multiple times in the night to make sure they were ok. We don’t even flinch when we walk through that cloud of sickness, thick with that contagious virus they have, to get close to our babies and make sure they are all right. Because we know that the good old “Mom Immune System” is like a suit of armor….nothing is getting by that barrier…..until it does….so now, I’m NOT ok. I’m exhausted. I’ve got a sinus / head cold, I was up all last night coughing and went to the doctor to get my own set of meds; but HEY….on Tuesday, November 15th…..I LOOKED GOOD DOING IT!!!! And sometimes, just sometimes, that’s what it takes to get us out of bed, wash the stink off and just put ourselves together. Even if it’s only for a couple hours while grabbing milk, granola bars and Adult Mucinex, it can help perk us up. And then as soon as I got home I took it all off, put my comfies back on and got me some REST!

So here’s my outfit breakdown:



Let’s start with the shoes because after posting on Facebook and Instagram these got the MOST attention from this outfit. I mean, seriously, they are pretty adorable, totally festive and a great price at DSW for just $26. I was inspired to get some plaid heels when I saw THESE BEAUTIES on the Nordstrom website…I loved the plaid for the holidays and the sparkly broach on top is absolutely adorable; but I didn’t want to spend $100. SO….I happened to be over by DSW in hopes to find something similar and am very excited about the red and black check….just as festive as I was hoping for at a KILLER price! I walked in on a discount day; but even at full price, these heels come in at under $30 AND there are a bunch of other patterns to choose from too! (Like LEOPARD PRINT or a COBALT SUEDE). I mean, imagine any of these with any kind of slouchy sweater, or long sleeved T with a blanket scarf, distressed / ripped up boyfriend jeans and these heels?! Heck YEAH!

I would also like to mention my favorite coated denim ever in the world made by Joie….they were a Christmas gift to me last year from my incredibly amazing hubby and I L-O-V-E them. I feel like a rockstar when I wear them, they make my legs look super long with heels, and they just fit perfectly. We all have a pair of jeans or an outfit that we feel great in right? But if you don’t, let’s talk, I’m here to help you find what is AUTHENTICALLY your style. Can’t have you walking around in something you don’t feel YOU in, now can we?



I take almost all of my own photos with my iphone 6. I know it’s not giving me the very best images to post online; but a person has to start somewhere right?! I love how the black and red check looks perfectly paired with my luxury leather WAVERLY COVET CROSSBODY that also can be worn as a clutch. So chic, so versatile and when you have real, quality, luxurious leather once, it’s really hard to ever go back.  OH, and do you like my pointer finger ring?? Well, if you do, better jump to my STELLA & DOT WEBSITE ASAP because it’s on sale and a really fun way to dress up your hands. Big style tip I got this summer was to have a little sparkle everywhere….in your earrings, on your fingers, on your neck and your wrist, so that every time you move, you leave a little sparkle. Nothing too flashy, just a shimmer here and there. Love that!




I chose a statement necklace to go with this because it has leather on the sides that ties in with my clutch and leather-look pants, and it is a mixed metal piece. And of course I never go anywhere without my COVET DIAMONDS…since they are made in 14K gold (yellow or white) and conflict free diamonds, I never have to take them off! Talk about the perfect, dainty, everyday piece whether heading to the gym, or going out to dinner. My clutch has gold hardware, and my NATALIE NECKLACE can be turned around and worn with a blue lapis stone set into the design, perfect for Spring and Early Fall. GREAT bang for your accessory buck. And if you have noticed in my previous pics, I love a stacked wrist. I chose a cluster of bracelets called the Nomad Stretch Bracelets, the Addison Cuff (gold perforated with leather interior backing…best seller at my last style session), and the Celestial Cuff and Pave Disc Cuff in gold….all at my Stella & Dot website –

Mixing metals is so on trend, and I love that the pieces that I’ve chosen for thise outfit have that already factored in for me.



OK…the sweater….the second most talked about piece of this outfit. I have to admit, its been a little while since I shopped in EXPRESS AT THE WOODLANDS MALL but this season, you should definately go in and check out their sweaters! They are so cute! I got stopped by THREE people in HEB while getting a few things because they loved it so much! So wonderful when someone stops you to give you a compliment, and on a day I was feeling my head cold big time! And here’s what I love….interesting and unexpected details, and this season they do not disappoint! I love the slouchiness, the cutouts, the lace ups, and everything in between. PLUS, it’s buy one get one half off….so you really need to find TWO you love, which won’t be hard. I got this COLD SHOULDER KNIT TUNIC as well in the dark green so you will see that coming up in future posts too! I challenge you to go in there, now that is kind of, sort of, sweater weather in Houston, (or maybe it has been for a while now where you live!) and not find something super cute that you can accessorize to wear around town during the day, or out on the town at night. I have so many ideas to wear this black ladder arm sweater that there might not be enough cold days!








A little sass never hurt anyone.




Now I know most people will look at this photo and wonder why it’s here. Honestly, I know it’s not that great; but I am loving that I’m standing in the shadows, with a gorgeous ray of sunlight coming into my courtyard, washing over me. Sometimes, when we are feeling low, whether it be due to sickness, or just unhappiness, we need to be reminded that we are not alone. We’ve all got Someone who loves us unconditionally looking out for us, and encouraging us to spread happiness, love and kindness wherever we go, to all we meet. So with that, thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m grateful for that, and hope to see you here again really soon. What’s your act of kindness for the day?

xoxo Taryn

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