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Every year, it seems like I’m on the hunt for my new favorite T-shirt….to pair with shorts, jeans, skirts, you name it. Last year, I fell for the TopShop version of the everyday T…which is very similar to THIS ONE, and I got it in both Navy and White and kick myself for not getting it in grey too. Perfect for pairing with anything and accessorizing super easy. Something I always look for in a top. I’ve got the Navy one on here with my coral Anthropologie shorts that are a really fun pop of color for summer bbq’s, pool parties, or a day of running around as Mom’s always seem to do! You will notice I’ve also got a pic of me wearing it with my favorite boyfriend jeans, nude sandal heels, and delicate rose gold accessories. I hope you can see how the choice in accessories are what give the vibe to this outfit. Just a top and a bottom alone is a nice enough combination; but I feel once you finish the look, it must takes it up a couple notches for sure. And navy can be complimented in so many different ways….this would even look amazing with a chunky statement piece, a sparkly choice with a fun skirt, or under a blazer with a different kind of long pendant. The options are endless, and that’s what I love about it.


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This year, I’m all about the CASLON RELAXED SLUB KNIT U NECK T….these are awesome, yet I will warn you, the sizing is HUGE! I know I’m a pretty small framed person; but I do not recall the last time I fit a XXS in ANYTHING and that is the size I needed for this T-shirt. What I love about it, is it is not your typical T-shirt. The fabric is 60% cotton, and 40% modal (which is a type of Rayon, a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber, made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, in this case often from Beech Trees. Modal is used alone, or with other fibers (often cotton and spandex) in household items such as pajamas, towels, bathrobes underwear and bedsheets  – according to WIKIPEDIA). So no wonder I love it so much, it’s the most comfy t-shirt I own!

Here it is with a really cute patterned skirt that I just got as well….it’s just so wearable and I’m looking forward to getting a couple of other colors too!


I tend to go towards tops that are not 100% cotton, simply because of shrinkage, sometimes the fabric twists while being laundered and it just doesn’t hold it’s shape the same as when I bought it, and it doesn’t have the swing or movement that a combination material does. I like to tuck in the front of my t-shirts and leave the back out. Always have. But I like the fabric to “flop” over a bit, not be structured in any way and this Caslon top nails it. Without having too much extra material to make it look bulky. HENCE, why it is important to remember that not all shirts are made equal and tops are cut and designed very different. So bascially what I’m saying is not all t-shirts are alike. And yes, you can go to Target and get a cute CLASSIC TEE in Pima Cotton which is also a VERY soft fabric loved by many; but when you do look for some interesting, distinguishing characteristics in the top, to set yourself a part from all those other T’s.

Like what?  A T-shirt is a t-shirt! NOPE! Here’s my list of things to look at:

  1. Neckline – not too tight around the neck – almost makes it look like it’s too small for you, and not so scooped / droopy you are going to bend over to pick up your little one, or buckle up that cute sandal you are buying and show off the girls. No matter how great they look, they just should not be on display.
  2. Fabric, we sort of covered this; but it’s got to be comfy, handle laundering, not be dry clean only, drape nicely when its untucked slightly or worn completely untucked and loose. And there is nothing worse than walking around in a wrinkled shirt. With the mixed blend fabric, you may have to run an iron over it; but oh girl, it’s worth it, and frumpy is never a word someone should ever use to describe YOU.
  3. Have some cute details, like a slouchy pocket, or a seam that does not go straight across the bottom (maybe a scalloped edge? A diagonal cut? Something subtle, but different,) or again, a neckline that is easily accessorized. A scoop or V is my favorite. All kinds of others out there; but find what you like and stick to it. Every once in a while try something different; but if you do and just don’t feel like it’s “you”, put it back on the shelf….you don’t have to convince yourself you like something.
  4. Classic…if it’s TOO trendy with a season, then it will only be something you wear for THAT season. Like right now, off the shoulder tops are very popular and come in very dressy, casual or anytime style. Super cute on some! Frankly, takes me right back to my 9th grade closet, not sure I’ll embrace that trend. And while you may love that look, if you aren’t comfortable wearing a proper fitting strapless bra (because friends, there is NO OTHER WAY to pull that look off….NO bra straps allowed in a style that is designed to show off your shoulders, y’all KNOW how I feel about showing off undies!!) or you find yourself not comfortable enough to stand up straight and hold great posture (like your mother always told you to) its not authentically you, and you can leave that trend for someone else! Find what you like, makes you stand tall, with confidence and in your comfort zone.
  5. Sleeve length. Don’t want it too short or it’s a cap sleeve and that may not be the look you are going for, or too long (like almost at your elbow) can make it look like the shirt is too big.
  6. Is it see through? Yep, that’s a question you need to ask your self. Whether a  blend fabric, the pima cotton or regular cotton, there is a chance the weave of the shirt is a little more sheer, or loose than others. So there are two solutions here…one, wear a NUDE bra. Never wear white on white, it just screams where you bra is. Seriously, look at it in the mirror next time. Now put on a nude one. When your bra blends with your skin tone more, it’s less likely to be so obvious. It’s not all that sexy; but I wear my nude bra under EVERYTHING. But in the winter when its sweater season, the fun / pretty / textured ones get their chance at managing my girls….NOT a hard job mind you…HA! The other solution? A nude bra and a white tank top underneath. I wouldn’t suggest a cotton one either, because it’s a coarser texture and they won’t play off each other as well. Might even bunch up or look frumpy. I like tanks like FAVORITE CAMI from White House Black Market. It’s made of mostly Nylon so anything you layer it with slides right along it. I have this in white and black and after 4 years of using them regularly, they are in need of an update. Happy to see they, AND ALMOST EVERYTHING I’M HIGHLIGHTING is on sale! Way to set up for SUMMER! Plus in Houston, let’s face it girls, it’s freakin’ hot. We sweat all the dang time and it’s disgusting. Wearing a tank top under a flowy shirt is a way to keep cool while also keeping the sweat off our fancy shirt, and just staying in the confines of our tank top. In that case, maybe buy two….ha!
  7. Cut…I actually love a normal cut T; but if you ever have a chance to try on a “batwing” style, I say give it a go!
    A great option if you have a healthy set of girls and like a little more fabric to help with coverage too. I got an adorable white one with a cute scoop collar and longer sleeves; but they were tight to my arm so looked more stylish than a baggy sleeve, about 2-3 years ago and love it still! We are women with curves and womens t-shirts will typically have a shape to them on the sides, which is why we don’t want to go and buy those boxy boy shirts!!

You are probably looking at this and either nodding your head, going, “ok, yeah that makes sense!” or you are saying, “girl, you are outta yo MIND if you think I’m going to put that much thought into my freakin’ T-shirts.” Hear me out on this. My entire intent with Method39 is to help you find out YOUR Method to Style. WHY are you choosing what you are choosing? Does it make you feel great? Do you downplay what you really like? Why are you looking at how you present yourself as annoying, instead of joyful? How else do you give a stranger a sneak peek at the AUTHENTIC you? There’s not one darn thing wrong with putting thought into YOURSELF for 5 minutes. Because when you do, you will come to have great love for your wardrobe, or even just a few key pieces, feel great EVERY time you wear them, and that will shine through.

Think of it like when you learned something like…oh, I don’t know….. math….seemed intimidating at first right! Memorize my multiplication tables?! Are you crazy? The 7,8,9’s are so hard! Oh man, adding is SO MUCH easier, why do I need to learn something new?!?!? But after alot of thought, putting it into practice and fixing your mistakes along the way, it’s now second nature, something you just KNOW. Wouldn’t you say that finding your Method to Style could be sort of the same thing?

xoxo Taryn

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