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Yep…it’s true. I just had my birthday!! It was a big one, by society’s standards I suppose. But truly, every birthday is a big one because it means we got to walk this beautiful, big world with the people we love, for another whole year. I realize that nothing is guaranteed, so I refuse to be sad about “growing old” or the number of my years getting bigger. No sir…I’m grateful and this birthday was no exception.

Turning 40, starting my FOURTH decade in the world, and quite possibly being around the half way point of an average persons life, was magnificent and not just because I’m grateful for every year that I am here. I was surprised by my sister, mom, and GRANDMA for the big day. They flew all the way to Texas from Alberta, so I could be with the three most important women in my life, for my “big birthday”! Friends, let me tell you, I plan to do an entire write up on just how much that meant to me and why…..


But let’s talk about my new DRESS!!!! My gorgeous husband hooked me up. Yes…he buys me clothes! Oh Happy DAY!! This is a super comfortable and easy to wear little number from the brand called Trouve found at Nordstrom. You can take a look at it HERE. I did get the size Small; but I may need to get some alterations done. The smaller size fit me great under the arms and on the upper body; but it REALLY hugged me across the butt, and I just didn’t like how it looked. Tight across the rear just didn’t scream appropriate or classy to me. SO, I went a size up and felt like a million dollars in it. The bra for this dress is tricky. I used my normal nude, go-to push up bra, and used a clip to give it a racer back look; but honestly, I was a little frustrated that you could still see signs of it under my arms (and if you’ve read my Method Behind The Style section you know why!)…so maybe some push up stickies will be a better option? I’m still working on the perfect solution!



My favorite part is the back….I am just always a fan of racerback or anything that shows off parts of the back. And I really like it when pieces I buy have something unexpected, or just slightly different than the norm, and with this dress it is that the back is just ever so slightly longer than the front. Still shows off a ton of leg; but NO CHANCE of it riding too high! This dress also comes in black; but as you can tell by a few of my other pictures this khaki green is a favorite color for me. (And can we talk about my hair for a second?! I just had it redone a couple days prior to this, so it should look good; but this lighting, at this time of night is really picking up on the beautiful blonde bits hidden throughout….right? My hairdresser ROCKS.)



The accessories I chose are pretty simple. I used to be a pretty predictable statement necklace gal; but lately it’s all about simple, more delicate and long layering. This SAHARA PENDANT felt perfect for this dress. It stands out; but it’s not overpowering on the dress. It’s longer, so it seems right with the length of the dress as well. And my bracelets are all too familiar I am sure at this point; but when something works, don’t mess with it, right?! I love these sunglasses and if you like my lipstick, check out my Friday Favorites! It’s Chanel and I have worn it everyday since I bought it….and I’m not a lipstick kind of gal. Well…actually, I am now!


Of course I just had to include a picture of my shoes….those Ivanka Trump ones I scored at Marshalls three years ago…I feel GREAT when I wear these. Usually with jeans; but really like how the suede and snakeskin brought a little sass to my new dress. As usual…I’m happy in my heels!


And then there is the best accessory I have in the whole wide world…and it’s my main squeeze. We have officially been together for over half our lives on this planet. We were a couple of kids when we met; but boy have we grown into two loving, caring, and respecting adults and parents who try to live a life in God’s example and raise our kids to do the same. He’s been my person for over 20 years and I love him more today, than I ever thought I did, would or could back then. Life will do that to you sometimes….it’s not all good, or easy, or bad; but with the right person at your side, all that is worth it. You can read more about Our Story HERE

So there you have it, I’ve got a new dress for my birthday, celebrated with my amazing family and fabulous friends, with my favorite person by my side….what will you do for YOUR next birthday celebration?

xoxo Taryn

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  • Heather Dee
    April 28, 2016

    Love the blog!

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