Denim on Denim


This was one of those outfits that I have had in my closet for a VERY long time but NEVER put it together! My Style Method here was to wear denim on denim; but it had to be different colors…I’ve yet to attempt blue on blue! And then one day, I had these red/coral jeans on and decided to see what matching shoes would do and BAM! I was in love! It was super casual, accessorized perfectly with the Zuni Layering Necklace (detachable layer) from Stella & Dot and then go and add the Blush Perforated Tote with it and now you are TALKING! STELLA & DOT

The denim shirt is from Fossil and the shoes are from MADEWELL (and they also have a black pair ON SALE.) Don’t you just love the line of the top of this shoe…it’s that little something that makes it unique!

Interestingly enough, the photo of me taking a shot of my outfit as a selfie, got almost double the likes on Instagram as the one of my outfit taken in full! Not totally sure why, but loved that I was able to get some love for my experiment of the day.

PS, is it just me, or does jeans and heels just make this 5’4″ gal look like she’s got legs for miles!? If you are laughing at me right now, don’t tell me….I’m just going to run with it and say, yes….it does ;D ha!

What amazing combination do you have hiding in YOUR closet that you’ve never put together before?

xoxo  Taryn

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