Done Is Better Than Perfect


Can we talk? About this exact phrase….”done is better than perfect”? I just want to jump in on this conversation that is happening in alot of my conferences and social media. It’s not just for entrepreneurs or even those that work. It’s pretty much for all of us, don’t you think?


Ok, that’s pretty dramatic; but seriously! Can I get an AMEN to the fact that we love to pride ourselves on being “perfectionists” so we won’t allow ourselves to be associated with things that don’t represent that? Take me for example, I have a really great blog post about a casual, everyday style outfit that is EASY to put together and will be simple for so many to create out of their existing wardrobe. I’m so proud of it! Yet, the pictures are blurry. Not crazy blurry; but not crisp. So I haven’t hit publish. Which means even though it’s DONE, and about 90% there, it’s not PERFECT.


The big deal (in my head) is I don’t want the readers I’m so grateful for, and work hard to serve, to think I’m “ok “with that kind of quality. Nope, this perfectionist will make everything PERFECT or you don’t get to see it. Hmmm, let’s think about that for a second. So….if I don’t like the images (which can be EASILY updated in the future when I figure out how the HELL to load them to be the right resolution – insert red angry face because this is a very frustrating process for me and it shouldn’t be this hard), I refuse to give you the CONTENT, which ultimately is why you are here….RIGHT?! What kind of logic is that when you look at it that way?

Method39 is to help you find your style, give you information, tips, tricks and heck, a style education so you can go to your closet and create a look you love. Pictures are definately helpful; but if they aren’t the most crisp, will that prevent you from finding the value? If I’m honest, I’m just not so sure that would be a deal breaker. AND, when I DO get it right, you will all be able to celebrate that little win along with me!


I wanted to write this today to just share that this is something I go through ALOT, and it’s not just associated with blog posts. It makes its way into all areas of my life. If something isn’t meeting your standard of perfect, how quick are you to throw up your hands, or get really down on yourself, and say something like, “not now”, or “obviously the timing isn’t right”, or like me, “will people think I don’t care enough if I don’t get it perfect?” Great….just so you know, you aren’t alone!

Now don’t go taking it too far and feeling like that means you don’t have to put your best effort into what you do. Whether it’s a presentation for work, painting a room, or momming….we all have days where Done is Better Than Perfect. (Boxed mac and cheese for dinner instead of BBQ’d chicken and all the fixings….#weveallbeenthere) Perfect is NOT a longterm and sustainable level to operate at, because, well…LIFE. But, that doesn’t mean you should permanently lower your bar either. Which is what happened when I didn’t hit publish. I committed to writing 3 blog posts per week, and last week I did NONE. Because I was hung up on one detail.

Pride prevented me from sending that post out, and any time we lead with that, we are walking down the wrong path. Has your pride ever prevented you from doing something that you know is important? We can go deep here. What has pride prevented you from doing? Maybe one of these: forgiving or saying sorry to a friend, changing your mind on what you committed to, connecting with your spouse, finances, taking on too much at work that you are completely stressed out and can’t function well at home; but you don’t want to disappoint the boss….I mean the list goes on.


Perfect, to me, is leading with your heart, and your God Given talent, to execute each task and each day, with the best of your ability in that moment. It won’t be the exact same every day; but it can be consistent! That’s maybe a better goal for all of us…what do you think? What if we were ok with making a few mistakes along the way. Show we are human, don’t know all the answers and that there will always be room for improvement. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all knew the best was YET to come and we just have to keep climbing that unpredictable mountain with Faith, so when we stumbled, it didn’t stop us. Faith in ourselves, in the process and in the Plan that was created for us in the beginning.

You aren’t behind schedule darling, you are right on time.

xoxo Taryn

PS, be on the lookout in your inbox of a great post with blurry photos!!

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  • Crystal
    March 16, 2018

    Love this part:
    Perfect, to me, is leading with your heart, and your God Given talent, to execute each task and each day, with the best of your ability in that moment. It won’t be the exact same every day; but it can be consistent!

    ^^ Say that! I couldn’t agree more. Show up. Do work. Have pure intentions.

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