Fall Fashion…Again?


Last night, while my girlie was tumbling her little heart out at gymnastics, I found myself with an hour to do some running around. I made a return to Target and then had to do another one at Nordstrom. I was kind of excited about that because this would be the FIRST time that I just strolled at my own pace, through the store, to really get a good sense of the Fall Fashion coming out in some of my favorite brands! Ever do that? No? Hmmmm…..you might think I’m crazy; but it’s one of my favorite things.

So there I am, eager to find pieces that I can add to my Wishlist, or see how new styles will combine with my current closet, what are the new colors to get excited about….all that GOOD STUFF; but then I realized something. It all looks VERY similar to everything I’ve been seeing since Spring.

Were you worried ruffles might be out? NOPE! Still a zillion tops with ruffles…except now it’s sweatshirts in addition to T-shirts. Were you worried your blush ruffled T-shirt might not be something for Fall…not to worry! That tone is still everywhere.


What about the Off The Shoulder look? It was HUGE last winter, then into Spring, stayed strong through summer, and oh, look at that…it’s still on point for Fall. That includes it’s little sister Cold Shoulder as well. You may be jumping for joy you got a great top like this in a solid you can accessorize differently for each season. Yeah YOU! ¬†OORRRR….you may be over it; but retail is not. These styles are still here to stay my friend.


I could go on; but I’m going to be honest, I didn’t see a huge shift in style from Summer to Fall. Not in color OR style. So you can look at that as a sad thing, because we all love to look at new things; but I say, this is PERFECT! Your wardrobe dollars are being stretched to the max,¬†in your favor!!!

Over the Knee suede boots? YEP! Wear those babies with your cute dresses and scarves…it’s totally on trend. And thank goodness!! That footwear was something I had to save up a couple months for AND now I’m on my third season with them. I will take that!


Blanket scarves (or something similar)? You got more than one last year, didn’t you? It’s ok! Rock those babies all Fall and Winter because your style is on point! Didn’t pull the trigger on that trend (let’s face it, I didn’t, only because some of these scarves literally are….blankets! haha! But they would be amazing to have on hand, as a hockey or any other winter sport Mom, and just looking polished on a chilly day. Instead of choosing to stay in your comfies, let’s make jeans and a top look comfy AND stylish. Just because you are layering up, doesn’t mean you can’t level up your look.


Do you see what I’m getting at here? One – instead of wearing shorts or skirts and sandals with your blush tones, ruffles and off the shoulder tops, now pair them with jeans and cute booties and a scarf! You are set!

Did you take my advice and get a kick ass pair of designer denim at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? GREAT! Now go get a really fun off the shoulder light knit sweater (or chunky knit! They are both a strong trend right now) and pair with those rockin’ jeans and, hey….throw those OTK boots on, or ankle boots, and you are golden.

It’s times like this, when I realize how much I stick to a classic wardrobe, that I realize adding a little here or there when a seasonal trend comes along works best for me and my budget. Picking up a cute scarf or more seasonal accessories is an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to transition ones wardrobe. Over time I’ll grab a fun top or more footwear (I really am a shoe junkie….) but after seeing what was out in just one of my favorite stores, has me thinking I’m pretty ready for Fall already.

The other thing to note is Fall is also represented by the fabrics. More texture. More knits. More weight….it is after all, for MOST of the fashion world, a season where it gets cooler out, so those things are a necessity! I remember it well growing up in Alberta! Everyone loves sweater weather…in Texas, if we want to wear a sweater in September, we better be going to the Mall or the Grocery Store…they always keep it cold in there. HA!

That said, I do like to find original styles. I don’t like to look exactly like anyone else all the time, and nor should you! We are all our own very specific person. If our good Lord in Heaven can take the time to give each of us our very own, individual, never to be duplicated fingerprint, we should try to be own authentic and original selves in all ways, don’t you think? And our style, and the fashion we choose to wear, is a big part of introducing the world, without using our words, to us.

Do you have some fashion questions? Need help with your wardrobe? Email me at hello@method39.com and let’s chat about a Closet Consultation! Until then, Happy Fall, y’all!

xoxo Taryn

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