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Thanksgiving week…..that 9 day break from routine, extra curricular, and for most, it’s a trip to or with family and friends, either near or far to look forward to! And likely a little online or in person Black Friday Shopping. I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful time. Our family spent some serious quality time together at home. Being from Canada, we don’t have any extended family here in Texas; but we have been blessed with friends who have become so much more, making this time of year anything but lonely.

On Wednesday of this week my sweet daughter and I had a mini girl day. We’ve been doing these at random for a few years now; but as she gets older, it is becoming more and more fun. She has an amazing sense of style for the tender age of 8, we love walking through either clothing or home decor stores and pointing out the things we love and WHY we love it. Teaching her early there is a reason for why things call out to us. We talk about school, friends, and our favorite things. She is so interesting! Then right after that we go to Bath & Bodyworks and she is in heaven trying to decide which holiday hand sanitizer to get! Totally adorable. On to lunch, where we chatted about what we loved in the Pottery Barn Catalogs while circling our favorite things, and talked about all the very exciting things to come over the next month leading up to our favorite time of year.

So here is my Girl Day outfit….I cannot get enough of this color combo, I think it’s so FALL to me with the tones in the orange and the green. This sweater has as scoop neck (which is also great for layering) but I chose to make it more of an off the shoulder look. I know the full OTS trend was huge over summer; but there is something about just having one shoulder out, instead of both, that is just more my style. And not the WHOLE shoulder, just a peek. This very pretty top comes in many colors and is, wait for it…$22.50 at CHARLOTTE RUSSE but the current sale online has it on for $20!!! You really can’t go wrong with that and there are a TON of other very cute sweater styles that are in the $20 price range on the site right now too!



And I love the accessories with this outfit too….also very Fall inspired. Leaves aren’t just for trees! This gold statement necklace is so incredibly light and called the Garland Necklace, which can be worn 5 different ways, one being in your hair as a headband. I have yet to bejewel my locks; but I’ve seen it on a ton of other ladies and its very pretty. The diamond arrow necklace is from Covet and it symbolizes adventure, something we should all be up for at some time in our lives, and then I topped off my layered necklaces with this adorable Celestial Choker. There is sparkle, dainty details and has an extender on it so if you don’t want to wear it choker style it can be a very pretty necklace. With the choker trend being so big now, this is definately a wear now, wear later piece for any age, also comes in silver and is $39. It’s incredibly popular at my Style Sessions, along with the rings, which most range around $29. These ones are really fun and one of them is ON SALE!! And these pieces would be perfect gifting for teens, 20’s, 30’s and way beyond, so if you’d like to get one for yourself or a friend right now, CHECK IT OUT HERE



Pair that sweater with my skinny Kensie jeans and my new Evergreen Suede Heels from TJ Maxx, and of course my crossbody Bucket Bag also from Covet (SHOP HERE FOR FULL COLLECTION) and you have yourself a girl day outfit!




Heels and jeans….I just LOVE this combo. They are high; but at the same time, I don’t feel like I’m going to fall on my face when I wear them. The color is unique, the pointed toe helps to make my legs look longer and when you are 5’4″, there are days when you will take all the height you can get. Here’s my thing with heels though…if you plan to wear them, commit. And no matter how much those shoes are digging in, rubbing your heel raw, or cutting off the circulation in your pinky toe, you have to walk tall and wear them like a boss. Bring a pair of flats or a change of shoes to wherever you are (I had my brown suede oxfords in the truck if I had to switch). No Bambi legs, no limping, no walking hunched over (if you don’t normally stand tall, please start! Posture is everything; but I feel it’s a MUST with heels, you will look AMAZING!). Heels might look good while trying them on or when we head out the door; but not all heel is created equal, so find time to break them in or have a Plan B so you are comfortable.




Just another courtyard selfie shot with my iPhone6.

Again, I hope you have had an amazing Thanksgiving Break. Whether it was 9 days like me, or a 4 day weekend, spent with family or friends, know you are blessed and a blessing to others. And if you haven’t had that chance yet, MAKE it happen. Invite some friends over for pie and wine tonight. You can totally throw that together spur of the moment. Sometimes those are the best times! So…who’s on your invite list?



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