Haute in the City


Friends, when I tell you I love this dress….it is true to the letter. I definitely love everything from the fabric, to the pattern, to the cut, to the way it swishes when I walk. Here’s the Method to my Style with this beauty:</p>

image1 6

I walked into Nordstrom last summer just browsing. Not sure if I wanted to commit to anything in particular, and while there were a ton of dresses in there, most had the natural waistline sewn in, and if you have read my previous posts, you know that those are not my favorite style on MY figure (but happily admit they look incredibly fantastic on most other women!). Then I turned around to the mannequins by the escalators and it was like, “taaaaa daaaaaaaa” and a light shone on this masterpiece. Drop waisted. V neck. Long in the back. Knee length in the front. Gathered detail on the top of the shoulders. Pattern that isn’t too crazy AND neutral colors so I will wear this for many years to come. THEN, to top it all off, it was from a designer whose skirts and dresses I have been admiring from afar for months named Haute Hippie. Next time you can get your hands on any of these dresses, they even look amazing on the hanger. (Look at THIS  piece of awesomeness!!!)

IMG_6785 1

I went for it. I tried on about four others; but came back to it every time and just felt like it was made for me, and I had been saving up for something special. VOILA! Emotional Purchase MADE and I have never regretted it. For those who know the brand, yes, this is a certifiable splurge for me. It’s been a long time since I spent that kind of money on one article; but may I refer back to the first sentence of this entry. And as I mentioned in my Instagram post, I feel like ONE MILLION DOLLARS when I wear it (and it is hubby approved…let me tell ya!)

image1 5

The SHOES have been mentioned before, and look so beautiful with this pattern. And…yep….I love they way they make my legs look. Truth be told, I wanted to get some great outside photos with this outfit on; but unfortunately storm clouds came in, temperature dropped and wind picked up big time, so I had to settle for some shots in my house. But how pretty is that longer portion of the skirt skimming over the stairs, right?! It’s as princess-y as this girl gets.


The accessories were, in my opinion, perfect. No watch tonight, just the layered bracelets (Renegade, Engraveable Cuff, Artisan Cuff), my Engraveable Bar and the middle section of the Zuni Necklace worn short, and the very pretty Mondrian Ear Jackets. You can see all of those and so much more HERE

So my Method to Style here is purely emotional and putting something on that truly reflected how great I felt, knowing I was going to be spending the night celebrating some pretty amazing friends who bring so much joy to my life…how much better does it get?

When is the last time you got dressed up and spent an evening with YOUR favorite people? If you can’t remember, it’s time.

xoxo  Taryn

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