How Do I Find My Style?


For some, that’s an easy question. They can fit themselves in a well described box right away. Boho. Classic. Hipster. Eclectic. But for others, not so much. It’s so great nowadays to be able to click through Instagram and find bloggers that you like how they dress and even buy what they wear! But beware…do not compare yourself to them, or have any self doubt that you don’t/won’t/can’t look that good…..I’m here to tell you…YES. YOU. CAN.

It took me a long time to find a style or a look that I felt was really me, so I tried a few different things. It wasn’t until I was working that I realized how much style mattered. Both my own personal “street style” and how that differs from my “professional wardrobe”.

These points might help you get started on finding your style:


First things first…color. Which ones look best on you? Mine are primary colors; like navy, red, white, black and dark purple. I can also pull off a fuschia, olive or burnt orange really well. I WISH somedays I could do yellow or bold bright colors; but it washes me out and I’m just not comfortable in it. (I will however, happily have it in my shoes or other accessories).  And I assure you, once you know, you will be amazed at how much it can light you up, and who doesn’t love that?!

How do you find which ones work best on you? Well, there are some tips in this article from InStyle Magazine called: How to Find the Best Color to Wear for Your Skin Tone…because even if you have the same skin color as someone else, your undertones may be very different, which is why you may not feel you pull off a certain color as well as they can! OR, you can try taking this quiz from Real Simple Magazine. And once you have an idea of what might be your best colors, go to your closet and hold it up against your face and check it out. Maybe, you have some pieces in there that just aren’t right, and THAT is why you never seem to leave the house in them. Plan to donate or take the to the thrift store for a little cash in return. (Side note, even if you prefer to always wear black, white or grey, when you DO decide to jazz it up with color, you will choose the perfect one every time!)

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This is important. How do you like YOUR clothes to fit? Never mind the trends you see….this is YOU we are talking about. Do you like to wear things that are really form fitting? If so, is it appropriate to wear them everywhere? How about a happy medium of skinny jeans and a tunic or flowy top? Do you like to wear pieces that flatter your figure; but not “give it all away” at a glance? How about a fitted tank under a kimono or cardigan? How about wide legged jeans with a perfect T and a little front tuck to help define your waist? Do you find comfort in flowy and oversized? Is it a mixture of a few things? All can be a part of your authentic style, we just have to figure out your happy place!

Too tight actually can give the impression you are wearing items too small for you (if they bunch, ride up or don’t lay flat…always having to adjust is the WORST) which can create the illusion that you should have put that last piece of pizza down, when in fact you are perfect. (Now remember, I HAVE had two babies, so I know all too well that there is a twilight zone in here where NOTHING fits or flatters, its too expensive to buy a new wardrobe and it may just be temporary…I’ve limped through those times too. In this case, I would literally recommend going to places that were lower on the price point, buy one size higher, and then discard or donate those pieces once their work is done)

Be sure to watch for button ups….you want them to fit your chest FIRST, then your shoulders. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t buy the smaller size, truly, the number is FAR less important than the fit, which is EASY to fix with a couple flattering darts put in the sides. In fact, you will have the perfect fitting, custom wardrobe. What you do not want, is the buttons being pulled apart across your bust…even with a tank or cami underneath, that is still not going to erase the fact that that shirt, just don’t fit right.

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I know…you feel 25; but you aren’t. You still have some great pieces in your closet from yesteryear OR you really love how some of those twentysomethings are dressing, and dang it, you look goooood for…whatever age you are! Why can’t you?! Well, as sad as it may seem, there is a time to turn your back on certain styles and cuts. I’m talking mostly about super short shorts, cropped tops, leggings with crop tops, short dresses….things of that nature. Now, don’t get mad. I know, I know…”opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one”, and “I can wear whatever the fuck I want”, so please take this with a grain of salt if you must; but there is amazingly cute and flattering style out there for ALL stages of life! No cleavage, midsection or butt cheek required! OF COURSE there is always the argument that nobody should tell you what you can and cannot do, or wear; but I think for the most part we want to look current, on trend, confident, and stylish; but in all of that let’s please not forget to respect ourselves…so we just have to tweak our personal style every once in a while to do that. I think moving past a certain look throws the door wide open for a little updating or full on transforming….and girl, that’s EXCITING!

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So before you go out, keep these things in mind, and please, please, please do not judge or put so much weight on the size you buy. EVERY SINGLE BRAND SIZES DIFFERENTLY!!! From Old Navy, to TopShop, to Levi’s, to…well, any of them. I mean seriously, who the HECK is a 00?? or a XXXS?! Why don’t they just write “Invisible”?? Honestly!  It’s a guideline but does not define you. The look you present to the world tells more about who you are, than the number on the tag, so be bold! Find some new styles, colors and looks you love and LOVE the way you look in them!

Need some help with your closet? Connect with me for a wardrobe consultation in your home or stay tuned to more content here on the blog! Hopefully I can help you know exactly what to look for when you hit the mall, or the internet, to find a few new pieces to create YOUR Authentic Style.. no matter what stage of life you are in!

xoxo Taryn

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