I Did It!


I’m so excited friends!! I actually figured out how to make my blog posts get delivered to my subscribers inbox! Holy cow, that is a huge win right now!

I know, you are probably thinking, “Seriously Taryn? How is that new for you when you’ve had this blog for about a YEAR?! Isn’t that the point of blogging….?” YEP! It sure is! That is correct, SO the great news is when I finally DO figure something out, it feels AWESOME! (ps, huge thanks to my friend Skye McLain @skyenmclain for pointing me in the right direction!) Guys, I have no idea what my blog is capable of, or how to code, or how to maximize all the widgets and functions just within WordPress; but I’m learning as I go.

Here’s why I chose that path….I didn’t overthink it (like usual), I didn’t wait til I knew it all (like usual), and I SURE didn’t wait until things were perfect (which is NEVER)…I just jumped in and created the very first version of Method39, knowing it would evolve and all those who were with me from the start would be a part of all my milestones and see the progress, updates, and just growth that happens…..and today, it’s that one little functionality that allows my wonderful subscribers to never miss a post! Even share it by sending on to a friend or telling them to subscribe too!

Are you like me? I spend so much time thinking, strategizing, worrying about other people’s opinions and it can be paralyzing! But in the end, here’s my truth…..I love fashion; but I love STYLE way more. That’s everything. From who you are inside, to how you present yourself on the outside. I know others who love it too, and I have people asking me to help them with theirs. People who take in my content may not always agree 100% or like every post, and that is A-OK, how boring would the world be if we all felt the same all the time; but I DO hope they get little tid bits here and there, that are valuable and they come back for more!

There is a lot more evolution to come, and I am constantly trying to think of ways to bring you fun and valuable info to brighten your day, spruce up your wardrobe and help you find YOUR Method to Style. Not only that, if you are out there thinking you’d like to create something online that you pour yourself into, and want to build into whatever you can (or can’t) imagine, then maybe my roadmap can help you too!

Watch for a new addition to the blog that is going to focus on what I’m doing to set up my brand and how that’s going for me and my vision for what I want Method39 to become! I’m not totally sure how that is going to look….maybe even experiment with video content (gah!) but I think it could be a lot of fun to collaborate with others as well as document the process….heck, I may try things that I think are great ideas, and then change my mind and go a totally different way; but guess what….THAT’S THE BEAUTY!!! There is so much freedom when we give ourselves that permission to try, fail, and try again!

Inspired? Tell me all about it! What is something you’ve always wanted to do; but let the little things like other people’s opinions and your self doubt hold you back? OR…what is some content you’d like to see?

xoxo  Taryn

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