Leggings are NOT Pants


I KNEW that would get your attention!! Are leggings pants?? It’s such a heated debate isn’t it?? And you either say, “SING IT SISTER”! Or, you are like, “YES, they are. Stop being so fancy and judgey!” It gets pretty colorful when one camp tries to convince the other they are right. Be sure to read to the end as I have included my own personal horror story with leggings that may, or may not have shaped my opinion of them.

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I believe leggings ARE pants. They have to be, they cover your legs; but shouldn’t be the focal point of the outfit. I love to see them as a base to a great layered look, they just might not layer as well with all the tops you would pair with your jeans.

How Dare You Speak Bad of my Leggings

Don’t get mad. Here’s what I mean….leggings have an elastic waistband and are meant to be like a second skin. That’s part of what makes them so comfy (I hear). While every category of fashionistas will wear fashion differently, if I’m honest, I’m thinking of a certain group of women, who want everyday style.

I’m speaking to the ones who have busy lives including (but not limited to) caring about ALL THE THINGS, that they don’t feel like they have time, or energy, to be stylish too.

YES. YOU. DO. It’s not fancy, or self centered to want to put your best foot forward as often as possible. Not even a little bit. God loves it when you love the vessel He created for you enough to find a few minute for this.

How I Style Leggings

This is just my opinion. Since I get asked this pretty often when helping people find their style, here’s my thought process. I believe that at a certain age, modesty, comfort and style can all coexist, allowing you to look well put together on the regular.

You just might love love LOVE these high waisted Spanx faux leather look leggings I got at Nordstrom this season. They were out last year too; but I resisted. Not this time.

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It’s About Balance

For my personal style, if I am going to wear something tight on my bottom half, I will balance it out with a flowy, or chunky, or a-symmetrical, or oversized top. Tight on tight might look good when you are sucking in and standing tall in the mirror; but that’s not how you will move through the day. Give yourself some wiggle room and create a comfy and trendy personal style. I loved this sweater from Nordstrom to pair with these leggings and my sporty Nike Cortez Runners.

nordstrom, faux leather, spanx, leggings, casual, sporty, knit sweater, vneck casual, sneakers, nike, everyday style, method39

Oh, and check out the detail on the back!!!

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Dressy or Casual

I’m also loving the idea of being able to go from runners (for the sporty look), to these cute and trending Zara booties! Remember these from my post about the Zara Plaid Dress…it changed the look for that adorable dress and can do the same for these leggings.

leggings, faux leather, spanx, oversized sweater, leather booties, kitten heels, everyday style, method39, personal stylist


faux leather leggings, spanx, zara, leather booties, kitten heels, dressy, everyday style, chunky sweater, vneck, personal stylist, method39


You could switch out the sweater for a flowy blouse or tunic and you are good to go for dinner out. The leggings will be great with ANY height of boot (ankle to over the knee) and layers for Fall. Add a longer cardigan or full on duster. Slip on a blanket scarf and if it’s cold enough, top it with a super cute wool hat complete with pom pom or floppy felt hat. Incorporate pattern and texture with your top, footwear and accessories. Have fun with it!

Why Is This Such A Topic

Here’s how I weigh in on this today.

Nobody likes to be told what to do.  ESPECIALLY if they think it might be borderline ok themselves. It’s a free world lady! Right? BUT, when you put an outfit together, and have to take a couple minutes to decide (aka convince yourself) it’s appropriate, there’s a chance it’s not. (That goes for more than just leggings.) But personal style is just that. Personal. If you love it and feel great, wear it. Just don’t expect everyone to appreciate it.

Cultures are different. North America is a melting pot of a many, so we are bound to see styles that don’t resonate with us. Some are super modest, others are very showy. Feels like I’m a mix of the two. Since so many people comment on how they like my particular style, it prompted me to create Method39 and share how I do that, and where to get the pieces for yourselves.

Generations are different. Look at how style has changed!  What was once all the rage seems prudish to some now, yet classic to others.

Truly, I think some women are offended when they have to see someone’s ass in their face as they walk through life. There. I said it. It doesn’t matter if your ass is kick ass or a Sack Full of Doorknobs (omg, this chick is hilarious…do you follow her on Facebook?? Well you freakin’ should….). Consider keeping those exact details, a mystery……only your husband gets to solve. Just sayin’…..

And Then There Are These…

You know. The ones with patterns that can distort when you put them on. I mean, friends, I saw a pair of leggings with freaking Santa faces all over them last year. It should come to no surprise to you then, that, Santa’s face ended up somewhere it definately shouldn’t be.  But hey! Look at me! Isn’t this cute? I’m festive and Ol’ Saint Nick is riding up my butt or decorating my camel toe! No, not cute…disturbing.  Sheesh. If I can’t laugh AND cringe at that, what is the world coming to?

For those of you who say, “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it!” Girl…..we might as well all walk around blind if we don’t expect to see something we don’t like! That’s just silly.

My Personal Horror Story with Leggings

I used to wear a black cotton / spandex mix legging when I would bike to work. Had those babies for YEARS and were my go to biking pant. Until one day, a co-worker who passed me on the road, mentioned she could tell my underwear were cream colored with red and pink flowers on them. (through BLACK leggings?) WHAT?! Red faced, I went into the bathroom, put my back to the mirror, pretended to sit on a bike seat and brought one knee up as though I was pedaling. INSTANT. MORTIFICATION. Yep….clear shot of those flowers, in all their glory! Shit! How long had I biked down the main drive and in / out of my work parking lot like this??? Can you even comprehend how many people saw that, day after day? Do you have any idea how often I wore a THONG back then???!!!!! Good. Night.

I offer that story as a way to give you a giggle, and a warning. Check to see if your favorite leggings need to be thanked for their service, and then quickly replaced.

One Other Thing

I have found in my search for faux leather leggings that they are not all made the same. Things to watch for, the fabric bunching around the knee when you stand up. Leggings should be tight when you sit, stand, walk or run. If not, it gives the impression that they are too big for you; but they are leggings, so it doesn’t seem consistent.

Now that we’ve had this deep discussion about leggings, you can take it or leave it! That’s the beauty…you will agree with some things, not all, and pick and choose which help define your Method to Style! I’m so grateful you stopped by!



Photo credit goes out to the lovely and talented Brooke Holmes of b.marie photography. Find her on Instagram @bmariephoto and online at www.bmariephoto.com.

Big thanks to The Westin The Woodlands for allowing us to use this gorgeous foyer. Fun fact, this is the exact spot where Brooke and I met earlier this year at the Thrive Conference for Creatives. We believe it was divine intervention since we’ve been besties every since. Great to go back for the memories and be reminded of what a gorgeous facility this is for conference, parties, get away or just dinner and drinks!

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  • Nikki
    October 18, 2017

    You. Are. Awesome. That is all!!! xoxoxoxo

  • Diana
    January 9, 2018

    You are looking gorgeous! Black leggings are my favorite. Black legging is matches with a variety of clothes and can be fused with almost any top. They make you look awesome when you wear them. Thanks for sharing.

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