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Everybody loves a pretty, flowy, makes you feel like 1 Million Dollars dress, and this one does just that for me this summer. Now, I don’t have alot of places to WEAR this very pretty number; but I do love the way it makes me feel when I DO get to!

My husband bought me this dress for my 40th birthday, so that may have something to do with it. Before you go telling me how he has amazing taste, hold on a second….I have a friend who is a Stylist at Nordstrom, she’s EXCELLENT at her job and will never steer him wrong! haha! Believe me, he’s grateful for her assistance too.

But in addition to it being sentimental, and from one of my new favorite brands, Trouve (here are some of their DRESSES) it literally fits me like a glove, almost like it was tailored for me. So I automatically feel confident in it. Not something I thought I’d say about a white dress! The thing about white is it shows every line, crinkle or wrinkle and I’m not just talking about the material. Even though this dress is lined throughout, one must be very careful of the color, style and texture of the underwear they choose…..cause you don’t want to mess with the lines and flow of the dress, while you try to get away with wearing your fancy undies. I promise you, it won’t work.

dsc_0987 dsc_1014

I actually went and paired this white with an off white statement necklace that I love ALOT…it’s from the Stella & Dot FALL COLLECTION and of course can be worn as a big chunky statement,or as the gold strand alone, or the layered white beaded strands. I’m really loving the hematite touch to it, gives it some edge, mixes the metals, and makes this piece wearable with this dressy dress, or perfect for a tank and jeans. Whether you like something a bit more understated or bold, this necklace has you covered; but for this look, I went bold all the way. Paired of course, with a simple sparkly double sided stud, because when you do a big chunky necklace, it creates a bit more balance to do a stud earrring and then your stacked wrist. I find statements everywhere are a bit too overwhelming and then it’s all people see, when in fact, you want to present a look that flows!

The Renegade bracelet is a MUST HAVE in your accessory wardrobe. I challenge you to find an occassion you can’t wear it to! So you will want one one every finish….silver, gold and rose gold. The set of three bracelets is an exact match to the necklace, and while I don’t typically do matchy, matchy, this combo seemed to pair perfectly with the look, and also not be too loud for my super cute Burberry fold over clutch. THIS little number was a gift from a beautiful friend. She’s that friend who I never get to see very often, we almost lost touch even though I think of her quite often, and she was incredibly sweet to send me this for one of my birthdays many years ago. I don’t think I will ever part with it, simply for it’s sentimental value, so adding it to an outfit that I feel so confident in, gave me even more reason to smile. Do you have something like that tucked away in your closet?


So it’s actually NOT easy to walk, look totally natural, graceful and not wobble while having a photo taken….I’ve got some practicing to do; but I HAD to have a shot of what this dress looks like while walking…it’s THE reason I love it so much! TWO slits, almost invisible when standing still; but you start moving from point A to point B, then sister, you almost feel like you are walking down a runway with a wind machine on you and your turning heads! hahaha! Ok, maybe that is a bit much; but they are not a typical look for a longer dress, which needs at least one slit to allow for movement while walking; but it is just so flowy and pretty, it makes me want to stand up taller and take longer strides….no shuffling your feet in this dress.



And then there was this….the BACK. I love this so much!!!! It shows a little more back than a racer back tank; but since the entire front is solid, this is SUCH a pretty way to set this dress apart from any other. Another unexpected detail. PLUS, you can wear your normal nude colored bra and the straps won’t show! I’m not kidding when I say it is pure joy when I find something that I can wear my trusty push up bra in, and not have to worry about straps showing. You all KNOW that is my pet peeve, haha! The thick black strap is actually stretchy so it won’t pull and it also allows for a snug fit. Then the long skirt makes it much more ladylike. Had this dress been a mini, that would have been too much skin to show off for this girl. At 5’4″ I don’t usually choose a dress with this long of a hemline; but again, with the double slit in front, super cute cut out back and some high Ted Baker Heels, it’s working for me.


Look how pretty an all white, with black accents outfit stands out as I stroll the path at Chateau Polonez.



So there you have it….one of my new favorite dresses. I wore it for this photoshoot, I wore it to the Fashion Show for the Stella & Dot Fall Collection Launch, and I would have worn it to my little brother’s wedding last month; but white is a no no for wedding guests! To make it a bit more casual, you could change out the heels for a pair of cute up the calf gladiator sandals with a block heel. You could add a scarf or even a cute leather or denim jacket (that is, if it would EVER get cooler than the high 90’s in Texas….WOW), change out the accessories to be more dainty and delicate’s layered. Either way, I’m pretty glad this piece was given to me by my favorite person in the world, he thought it looks amazing when I walked out in it, and truly, what else matters at that point, right??

xoxo Taryn


All photos courtesy of Kaley Gross Photography. Follow her on Instagram @kaleygrossphotography or view her website at

Location courtesy of Chateau Polonez, check them out at for a venue that has everything you need for a dream wedding.

Blogger Meet Up credit to Samantha with The Pink Envelope. Check out her website at to see all the goodies she opens up and gives her reviews on.

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