Method39….The Story Behind the Name


Welcome to Method 39…I’m so happy you are here, and I bet your first thought is, what the heck is this blog about? Well, it’s got a story behind it, like all good things do, and I love to tell a story.

 I love fashion. I literally love everything about it and how it is something that we all have in us, that evolves and changes over time, yet can say so much about us. I love how it can stay totally classic for some and never be out of style, or can be trendy and seasonal for others. I love how style is so much more than what we put on last; but how we create our look from something much deeper than our physical appearance. It’s actually made up of many layers, and that’s why we choose the styles that we wear day in and day out. And as you can imagine, A LOT of other bloggers love fashion too! It’s amazing on so many levels; but how does one set themselves apart, even though we all love the same thing?? So I looked up synonyms for the word Fashion, carefully went through the list to see what made the most sense to my mission with this blog, and the one I liked the best was Method!

When my friends say things like, “I love your style! / You always look cute! / How do you look so put together?”,  I blush almost every time, and then find myself proud of the way I present myself to the world. And when people ask me how I do it, I am simultaneously flattered and excited to share that, well, there is a METHOD to this madness ;D I know my style, think about my clothes a certain way, dress for success and confidence in myself, and feel that is totally appropriate whether I am running to the bank and the grocery store, or heading into a conference to be polished with a finished look and , yes, even slightly overdressed. So while I wanted this to be a place for fashion and style inspiration, I feel that there is so much more to that than just clothes….there is a Method we can all create to style ourselves and after much support and confidence being poured into me by friends, family, and acquaintances throughout Social Media, I have landed here. And so have you!

Why the 39? Well…this (blog) has been something I have thought about for almost 10 years. I didn’t even know blog’s existed back then, and even though they have exploded in the last 5 years as amazing places for people to go for a good read, inspiration, one click shopping on the go, and even just random info, I still hesitated. Until now. So 39 represents the age I am when I finally acknowledged the little whisper I kept hearing about “do what you love, and you’ll love what you do”. So there it is……Method39 is born. Welcome to my blog. I hope you find it fun, inspirational, full of ideas and helps you create YOUR Style Method.

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