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Hello friends!! I am super excited to blog about this outfit for so many reasons….it is 100% in my comfort zone of an everyday look, it is so ridiculously versatile…I could create so many different looks by accessorizing this in a few ways. No hat and curly hair with big statement necklace, long delicate layers with gold or silver. A cross body bag and colorful necklace and bracelets, I mean, the list just goes on an on. Then the best part….this outfit was a STEAL!!

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This top is by LUSH…if you have read any of my previous posts, you will remember that there is a cream one just like this that I said I loved it so much I wish I would have gotten on in every color. Well, HAPPY DAY!! I was browsing in TJ Maxx, and guess what I come across….THIS in black!! For under $13?!?! I mean…that was a very happy moment and I grabbed it immediately! Isn’t it great when your clothes find YOU??

The jeans are my go to, everyday style skinny jeans. Made by Kensie…got them through Stitch Fix last year and they fit like a glove. I appreciate that they have some good length so when I flip up the bottom I can get a really cute cuff on them. I’ve been wearing this look for at least two years and, honestly, I think it looks “off” when I try to wear jeans straight! Funny how fashion switches up and a different style can become your New Normal! It’s all in the details friends.

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These are some of my most worn accessories in the mixed metal department. This is the RELIC PENDANT from Stella & Dot and there is very few things it cannot go with. Because it’s mixed metal already, I paired it with my Rose Gold Engraved Bar necklace that says T <3 K….cause I love my man! Of course, as my go-to arm party includes the Gold Renegade Bracelet, I also added the super cool, slightly edgy leather Terra Bracelet and my double wrap Icon Watch. This tote…I personally think this is a neutral! The black tassel and embroidered strap make it so on trend, and the natural raffia finish with a slight fringe around the top is an easy choice with this outfit and, frankly, for the whole summer!

And, while I am WAY behind on my summer fedora purchase, I was STOKED to walk in to Target and find this one for $12.99, or there is also ONE LIKE THIS! I feel I will get all of that and more out of wears from this little number. Don’t you love it when you finally find what you were looking for, at a deal, and it is just in time for a bad hair day?!

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And then there are these little booties…..I even surprised myself to be honest! I’ve been a bit of a shoe snob lately, because I have a few good quality pairs now, and it’s true, there’s nothing like a well made shoe. They have amazing style, they fit differently, they just LOOK and FEEL quality and last a really long time; but I’ve got to save up to buy them. While I was in Target taking a quick look, for no good reason, at the shoes, these, like the LUSH top, found ME! Clearance section, $16.99. They were the only pair on the shelf…..whaaaat?! Yeah….less than $20 for a super cute perforated bootie that can be worn with jeans, a skirt, a dress, and are not the most uncomfortable shoes I own. I am so incredibly happy in heels, especially when they are cute open toed booties! haha! These were a great addition to my summer wardrobe and if they only last me this season, well, that’s equivalent to me drinking 4 latte’s, or 4 glasses of wine during happy hour. I can handle that!

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Bottom line for this look, is it’s classic. A black top, dark denim and black booties will never go out of style and can be worn by anyone and everyone. The cut and shape may change slightly; but I will be able to wear this combo for years. The top is one I could write home about because it is that perfect shape. Sleeveless, so can be worn Spring through Fall, and then would look adorable with a white suit jacket in the winter! Add a scarf to it, or a grey leather biker jacket. I layer it with a black tank top so that it can just be flowy and drapey without having to tuck it in. Did you notice it’s longer in the back…I’m just all over that look. Dresses or tops, clearly it doesn’t matter! haha

The jeans are just a step away from jeggings. Which I don’t own so this is as skinny as it gets! I do appreciate how my runner legs might just give a little bit of shape to these without having to show off my actual legs. You will find me wearing jeans a lot in the summer, it’s weird, I know, especially living in the Houston area; but this type of outfit is like a uniform for me. It’s my comfort zone! Do you know what pieces you wear that make you smile and walk out the door ready for anything?? I hope so, if not, maybe it’s time for you to look into being a Maxxinista once in a while?

xoxo Taryn


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