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Hey friends!! I usually do a Style Tip Tuesday post (did you see the Ripped Denim Series?! click for PART 1, then read on to parts 2 & 3!), and I plan to continue to do articles like that; but this week I’m going to mix it up a bit.

As I work towards building a social media presence, I’m watching other bloggers / influencers who are building their own brands as well, and taking the time to see how this new way of marketing fits into my life as a wife, mom of 2, and businesswoman. (PS…While doing this, I am being very aware of their careers to this point, so I don’t compare my beginning with someone elses middle. Do you ever do that? Even just in every day life? Comparison is TOTALLY the thief of joy….). That said, I can’t keep watching….I need more DOING.

Social Media is super interesting right? Does it make you a little uncomfortable sometimes? Just like anything new; but it is NOT going away, it’s the way our kids will engage in the world, so maybe we should try to figure it out now. I didn’t grown up with it as a teenager, or even “twenty something” so documenting every move I make feels super weird. Maybe it’s because I’m older; but I just really feel like over the last couple of years there are certain things I just want to be present for….you know? Like, I’m so hungry and didn’t even stop to take a picture of my food, because, um…..I’m hungry. Or my Grandma’s 85th surprise party…actually going home to Alberta almost never gets air time. And I don’t bring my phone along when a friend invites me over for an afternoon glass of bubbly before our kids get home on the bus (oh yes….that’s when Mom’s know they have it made…when you can do shit like THAT on a random day of the week!).

Success is always a precarious relationship with balance, and I think a lot of times we forget it has to be our definition of success, not the worlds, and especially not numbers on an app (if I don’t want my kids to associate their value with “likes” or “followers” I can’t either. It’s how you engage with the ones you have by bringing them the most value that matters!). So that’s why you set a goal and work on it every single day, to the best of your ability. Sometimes it can be crazy busy and you are on a roll, and others, you are working through a lull. I want my brand (YEP….I said it! Method39 is my personal brand and I’m incredibly excited!) to be successful; but also longterm and sustainable, as should anyone in business.


My Method Tip I’m embracing today, is make it about YOU (well, me; but if you are reading this then, You….ok, never mind you probably got that, HA!). Make your social media accounts AND your very in-person, personal relationships are built around your values, your randomness, your work, your intent, your business and maybe THAT will be what people love to follow. The real, raw, non-curated and maybe even the blooper reel worthy material. Show your Authentic Self on your way to finding your Method to Style….and I promise I will too! So…..ready for an Instastory where I’m in my workout gear and yesterday’s makeup, even though I rarely show that side in my feed or a morning coffee shot?! HAHAHAHA! (kidding….not kidding….but you should still follow me @tarynjmeyer, OH! And tell your friends too, I appreciate the love!)

xoxo Taryn

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