Roll With It


I’m not going to lie….I love a good cuff roll. I don’t think I’ve worn my jeans “uncuffed” for at least 5 years so it’s a static part of my personal style.

Until recently I just flipped the bottom cuff up and left it at that….kind of like in these photos:


LATELY, I have embraced the double roll….kind of out of nowhere (now if I would have done the fold roll, that takes me straight back to grade 7…oh I remember not being able to get that tight enough! haha); but I liked it a bit better when I decided to pair my go to denim with my new suede tassel sandals here (I like it with because it shows off the ankle detail, and I also like it with my new gladiator style sandals from Target since they are also strappy up the ankle…I don’t want to cover that up):


And while the cuff roll may not seem like a big deal, it can totally change the way you feel about a pair of jeans! Adds a little more interest to the bottom of your look. It’s ok if they are a little bit short, fold them up and make it look like you want them that way. Do you have a pair of your fave dark denim that is now faded; but still got alot of life left in them? Roll them up and make them super casual to go with flats, sandals or heels. I used to avoid a shorter leg length; but now, I almost always roll to show my ankle, ESPECIALLY with heels because I think it helps to elongate the leg by showing more skin, not just denim to shoe. Looks fab with a pointed toe heel.

THEN, I found this AWESOME article called¬†Roll With It¬†and even though it’s from back in 2015…totally relevant AND I have now embraced “The Back Flip” (see below) with my ripped up Rag & Bone jeans! I love how unintentional it looks; but it’s super intentional….kind of like the top knot… want it to look like you threw it together in 2 minutes; but it took anywhere from 10-25! Kinda country….takes me back to my ROOTS!

Which look did you like best? Give it a try this weekend……Happy rolling!

xo Taryn

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