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As I dive into the world of fashion blogging, and I look to inspire people to present themselves in their best, most authentic way possible, I also want to encourage everyone to be an original from the inside out.  There will never be another you, so don’t spend any time thinking you should conform. If someones look inspires you or makes you feel like you’d love to wear it too, then go find it! In fact, as her where she got it, women LOVE to share where their style is from!

Trends come and go, and while some may jump in emphatically with two feet because of one look, some may just dip their toe in that pool because you just can’t fully embrace the idea. Here’s the great news….you don’t have to! Just because a particular style seems to be becoming more popular, doesn’t mean you should feel the need to wear it. There are no hard, fast rules that you must abide by; but there ARE some considerations you need to make when picking an outfit. This has nothing to do with how wild the color or pattern; but everything to do with how it looks on you, and how it makes you feel.

I’ve said this before in a post, and I’ll say it again…..find what makes YOU feel amazing, what feels AUTHENTICALLY your style, that you can be comfortable in, yet not look as though couch surfing isn’t just your hobby; but your way of life. When you go out into the world, stand your tallest, wear your favorite things, splurge once in a while; but know fashion is available at every price point. My goal is to mix up my wardrobe so you can see some high end pieces and some mid range pieces. I sure can’t afford to shop designer all the time, and I’m guessing nor can you! I love their fabrics, their cuts, their fit and just their overall look; but when it comes right down to it, dropping $300 on a dress that’s cute, isn’t how too many of us roll. I’m going to look for something similar in my price range, every time.

What are some of my best tips?

  1. Pay close attention to fit, because it can either be incredibly flattering, or unfortunately falling flat. Sizing is so important and not all brands size the same.  If it’s too small, it can give the illusion you are bigger than you actually are, (and you are likely trying to adjust the top, skirt, dress all day or evening as you wear it because it’s riding up or digging in) and if it’s too big, well, it looks like you are swimming in the style (sidenote, if you love an item and it’s too big, items can be tailored to fit you really well, just make sure it’s not more than 2 sizes above your normal one. After that, the tailoring can ruin the integrity of the actual style of the piece). That is why when you are buying a 6 in one store, it can be a 4 or an 8 in others! (Want to test this theory? Go try on something at Top Shop!)  Trying things on, until you get the hang of any particular brands way of fitting you, is pretty important. This goes for your main pieces and your layering pieces as well! If they are in need of an update, make sure to do that. Nothing worse than looking frumpy UNDER your fabulous style and having it show.  Here’s an example of a size chart that differs between countries.
  2. Don’t settle. Do NOT settle on spending your hard earned money on something that you don’t love. And if you have to trek all the way back to that mall across town to return it, you just have to! Settling for a piece will give you buyers remorse, frustrate you every time you “try” to wear it because you feel sure you should give it one more try, only to find you STILL don’t like it. Then that makes you want to run out and buy something else, when you can’t, because your cashola is tied up in a piece you can’t even leave the house in, no matter how hard you try. This will also help when you go to pick an outfit, stare at all the things in your closet you only sort of, kind of, thought you liked, (or the salesperson who said how that shade of lime green looks AHH-MAAAZING on you, and that you’d be crazy not to take the that dress home), and want to cry because you have NOTHING to wear. Don’t be that shopper that is too embarrassed to make a return for fear they see you. They lied, you need your money back. If they are lucky, you’ll do an exchange, because usually anyone in sales wants you to be thrilled with your purchase! It just might take a couple
  3. I’m not saying you have to get “dressed up” every day; but ladies you really should get dressed. If it looks as though it’s remotely possible you slept in your shirt (but just went and threw a bra on) or your yoga pants no longer make your ass look amazing because you’ve worn them so much the stretch is all gone, it’s time to acknowledge a new outfit is in order. Before you jump on me for saying that, I HAVE had two kids, went through the newborn, infant, toddler stages twice and fully acknowledge that in those days, just getting out of the house was an act of God; BUT when I could get myself into a clean, put together outfit it was worth it. And I just mean something else from your closet! You don’t even have to go shopping! Find YOUR authentic style, what you feel great in, what flatters you right now, and if it is three outfits on rotation every time you leave the house, so what! You know for sure you always look great, and that feels pretty great too.main-woman-closet
  4. Comfortable. Comfy. Cozy…..sigh….really? Does every single moment of every single day have to be draped in sweats, pajama pants, workout gear or your hubby’s t-shirt? Don’t get me wrong, I am the FIRST person to get into those outfits after getting back to the house or on a rainy day…(I say it’s so that my good clothes don’t get wrinkled or crushed; but I really just want to chill) Why have we traded being presentable with being “comfortable”? It is entirely possible to find a cute tank, a fun skirt or pant, sandals or boots and a long pendant necklace to wear out of the house no matter where you are going. In fact, that’s what my blog is hopefully helping you find!frumpy
  5. Work out wear. Ohhhhhh, the work out wear. We LOVE this stuff. It keeps all our extras tucked neatly in place, feels like our butts don’t jiggle when we exercise, and is super slimming while we sweat it out and keeps us cool at the same time….pure magic really. Because that’s it’s purpose! To hold us together while we jump, squat, lift, spring, burpee, jerk and dance through our workouts. Wait…..are you actually sweating it out? Or are you just wearing that as your everyday wear? Did you really go play tennis, or are you wearing that INCREDIBLY short pleated skirt or workout shorts around town because it somehow is more acceptable to do that, instead of an actual mini skirt that is that short. Let’s be honest for a second, you would probably think twice before you ran out (or let your daughter run out) to the grocery store, the mall, or the post office if you put on a clothing skirt or shorts that short. Girl…if your actual butt cheek is in any way visible while wearing ANY kind of bottoms, it’s too short. You don’t see it when you turn around and look? Bend down to pick something up…yep, there’s that cheeky little bugger. The other argument is, if you DID in fact workout (get it girl! #fitmom) and you are still running around in your workout gear, then, you might want to consider that you just sweat out more than possible frustrations. Your toxins came out with it. It may not be noticeable to you; but you just might be walking through your day with a less than desirable scent (yeah, I know you sprayed yourself in the car, that’s not quite the undertone that ANY brand of cologne was working with when it was designed…)and in light of possibly giving too much information….it’s not good for your lady parts to be jammed into tight, sweaty, hot, not always super breathable fabric for a day, or heaven forbid, day after day…..just sayin’.a3e90aa2dbc0ed59b8549dd63417798c
  6. Color… really does matter and there are a million different shades of everything. I’ve had to begrudgingly put incredibly cute tops, with a cut I absolutely loved back on the rack because the color was off just enough to look wrong on me. If you are lucky, maybe they have a better color option for you either in store, or online. SCORE! If not, just move on or you will be stuck with something that was referred to back in point #2. Not all people can wear pastels, or blushes, or mustard yellow. Know which one looks amazing (but don’t be afraid to try something new…maybe take an honest friend shopping to help you) and go for it.color-thesaurus-correct-names-green-shades color-thesaurus-correct-names-shades color-thesaurus-correct-names-yellow-shades
  7. Today…..yes, you will be required to add items to your wardrobe regularly and if you are tempted to wear something you’ve been holding on to for years or more (obviously there are classics and vintage style that is excluded here) you may want to consider it twice. Yep, it’s time to move on. Certain styles do come back, there is no doubt…I personally feel like I am looking at my closet from 9th grade as I walk through the stores with crop tops, large or small florals, striped pants and dresses, and chunky platform shoes. I mean, who ever would have thought ACID WASH would come BACK into style?! Just don’t think you should hang on to them until they DO come back around. There’s always a tiny modern twist given to the newer version, unless you are LOOKING for old school. Clear out parts of your closet every year or so, maybe just a piece here or there, or a whole bunch, and make room for anything new you would like to add. Are you an organized and strategic person? Make a list of things you’d like to own that would go with a few of your existing pieces. Are you a more spontaneous shopper? Just have an idea of what the style is you’d like more of, and then you can grab it while randomly shopping at Target, TJ Maxx or any store you come across! (Here is Acid Wash from the 90’s, and then 4 current celebs wearing it in 2016! See the difference???)dkny-jeans-acid-wash-city-ultra-skinny-acid-wash-jeans-product-4-263835058-normaldifferent-styles-acid-wash-jeans
  8. Finishes (and I don’t mean accessories…that’s a whole post of its own!). My favorite thing to look for is that characteristic of the article that sets it apart from everything else in it’s category. And I’m not actually talking about alot of bling / bedazzling or major embellishments here. For example, T-shirts can be very simple; but if you find one with a drop shoulder hem, rounded or V neckline, a slouchy pocket on one side and a bottom hem that looks cute untucked; but also can be worn tucked in. I personally love a T that has a blended cotton material, I just feel like it drapes nicer, since I always tuck in a bit of the front and leave the back loose. And it goes for anything, just look for something unexpected and it might be just the edge you need to feel like it’s “so you”. People will see how you own that look and likely comment to you how much they love your style! Because you aren’t afraid to make it your own and it shows…..I LOVE that about clothes!!_9897850 _11840810 _12628894 1c09d2f58365f51fe452418b3bace709 6d8e08d453f7393479d818ae037c09a4 mR6c2U416dL-WPNchmQ5-bQ

There’s so much more we can chat about later; but after seeing a couple of blogs lately about women who are telling certain aged women what they shouldn’t wear anymore, and a very angry rebuttle saying that anyone can wear whatever the F**K they want…I felt like it all a bit much. Like I said back at the beginning, do what makes you happy! Just keep in mind certain things, and most importantly (in my opinion), when you are deciding to show skin, don’t show it all. My rule of thumb, is if I’m wearing strapless, I need to cover my legs. If I’m showing legs, it has to be the appropriate amount AND the shirt has to cover my shoulders. Super duper tight was so 20 years ago for me, so it’s not likely you’ll see alot of that either! There is some truth to the saying that after a certain age, some styles have to stay in the past.

I read something this week that really summed it all up for me that was on my Instagram feed, and it said this:



So feel free to buy fashion that resonates this with you, and strategically style it the way that represents YOU and your Method to Style. I’ll do my very best to share my favorites, what I love about them, and how you can get them for yourself here on Method39, and make it a happy place for you to come visit. In addition to that, try to spend less time being critical of yourself and others, and spend more time using all that positive energy you are creating by looking great and putting that out into the world. If you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great, you smile more. When someone walks by you and you smile at them they will instinctively smile back, so that means your Style spreads Joy…and couldn’t we use a whole lot more of that?

xoxo Taryn

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