Summer Dresses


Summer is the perfect opportunity to spend way more time in dresses. Which funnily enough, takes WAY less time to get ready! I love slipping on a comfortable, casual day dress that allows me to go to lunch and sip a margarita while eating chips and salsa. But not so snug that my “food baby” starts to show. Catch my drift? After having real babies and crossing over to the 40’s, you can’t just overindulge like you used to. Great news though, you can dress in a way that looks good even if you do!

What’s the Solution?

I like to dress in flowy and non-figure hugging pieces not only because they are super feminine, make me feel pretty and don’t give away all my assets in the first glance; but I can indulge in a delicious meal and not have to suck in my gut the whole time. Fashion is for looks and for function my friends!!

In an effort to help you with that, I’ve attached FIVE of what I have found to be very cute, everyday style, wearable and comfortable, yet will be easy to accessorize and go day to night….dresses. Click the designers name and see what you think!

  1. J.O.A. (this one is a very cute one for a brunch or a wine tasting then dinner….not so much a crawfish boil or fairground?)
  2. Kensie (this one would be PERFECT with some cute slides or gladiator sandals, an arm party and scarf for the evening and have you looking good no matter where you wear it)
  3. Style & Co. (doesn’t get more day dress than this! Cute swing skirt, wear a normal bra (YAY!), sandals or sneakers and a dream to accessorize….)
  4. ASOS I mean…how adorable is this?? And under $50!
  5. Joie (this is seriously the dreamiest brand. I have a dress from a couple summers back and I adore it (see the header photo!); but it was a splurge, just like here. This one would be for a bit more upscale of an event; but if you are like me, you’d also wear it to a meal out with friends, or any baby or bridal shower you have on the calendar)

Hope you found something that got you thinking about what style of day dress YOU would like to wear! One tip I want to emphasize here….IF your fingertips go farther than the hem of the skirt, then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That dress is too short. Don’t believe me? Put your hands up as though you are hugging your taller hubby’s neck, or grabbing a serving dish from the top shelf. And if you are well endowed in the chest or A$$ (good on you!!) this is important, because that will cause the front or back of the skirt to ride up. Imagine if you bent down to pick up your kiddo or couldn’t sit comfortably without showing a BIT too much….we are ladies, ladies.

xoxo Taryn

Header photo by Atascocita Photography – Stephanie Clark (@atascocitaphoto – on Instagram)

Venue: Chateau Polonez

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