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Get In Uniform


Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to decide what to wear everyday? Your closet was full of pieces that can easily go together? Wait, that's actually a great idea! Simplify your life and know that you can wear a similar version of one outfit, day after day, and always look fresh and ready for ...

What Does “Authentic” Have to Do With Style?


For starters, let's just get clear on what that word means (as per the definition when Authentic Synonym is typed into Google Chrome): au·then·tic ôˈTHen(t)ik/ adjective of undisputed origin; genuine. "the letter is now accepted as an authentic document" synonyms: genuine, real, bona fide, true, veritable; legitimate, lawful, legal, valid; informalthe real McCoy, the real thing, kosher "an authentic document" based on facts; accurate ...

My Comfort Zone


Hello friends!! I am super excited to blog about this outfit for so many reasons....it is 100% in my comfort zone of an everyday look, it is so ridiculously versatile...I could create so many different looks by accessorizing this in a few ways. No hat and curly hair with big statement necklace, long delicate layers ...