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My LEAST Favorite Thing!


You guys.....FOR REALZZZZ.....I cannot STAND spending time ironing!! Even though I KNOW it is crucial to having a crisp, clean look, whether going to the office or just going out of the house. There are certain pieces in the wardrobe that MUST be ironed to look nice. Dress shirts (don't be fooled by that No ...

Mother’s Day


Oh what a glorious day, that is Mother's Day. I read something recently that said it should really just be women lifting each other up, as well as families, giving Mom a well deserved day of less to do (because let's face it, while kids are living in our home, we never actually take a ...

In Him All Things Can Be Made New


After 20 years of being a couple, and being through many obstacles that are both typical AND difficult to overcome in relationships, we knew we needed help. I truly believeĀ God saw that we were ready and put us on a path. We were given the opportunity to go through a program called Re|Engage at our ...