Tiny Steps to a Big Dream


I know, I know, you keep hearing me bring up my Thrive Creative Conference; but what can I say?! It did it’s job and I’m motivated to put my unique version of creativity out into the world! YOU ARE WELCOME! But I would also like to say, this post has been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Jesse Coulter…she did such a great job of this in her blog, I was compelled to put my goals in print, and make them real too! Thanks girl!

One of my greatest takeaway’s from any kind of motivational / encouraging experience is, quite simply, how can I take this energy I have, these big dreams I’m dreaming, and make them real? Well, the only long term, sustainable, tried and TRUE way to do that is take steps every single day towards them. Make small goals, and make then MEARSUREABLE. So when you do complete them, when you do cross the finish line on them, you can acknowledge it, celebrate it, and make the next set of tiny goals. Thank you so much to Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess for getting vulnerable with us, so you can then inspire us in our journey, wherever we currently stand.

Which led me to think long and hard about what it is I wanted to work towards for the brand new month of March. I truly do feel like this is the start of something I’ve always wanted, so I could not be more grateful that you are here, reading this, maybe getting a little stirred up and inspired for your own self, and supporting this little blog along the way!

  1. Writing Down Three Things Each Morning I’m Grateful for – FIRST – When we focus on what we DO have, what we ARE  grateful for, it turns out that it creates a chemical reaction in our brain that acts as a natural anti-depressant / mood booster! And let’s face it, no matter where we are in our lives we can surely find three things to be grateful for, (which we likely take for granted….please tell me it’s not just me!), and start our days with that on our hearts.
  2. Planning a Date Night with Kent – we have been together 21 years, have been together as a couple, far longer than we have lived any part of life without each other, yet, even with kiddos that are 11 and 8, busy lives and all that other life stuff, we still struggle to find time to just BE together. Out of the house. On our own, which is just so crucial, so…..it might have to be an afternoon date on a weekend, or finding another creative time for us to eat, drink and be merry together, that would be a source of happiness for both of us!
  3. Spend Time with People Who Lift Me Up – and don’t take that as me being selfish, I just know I’m a MUCH better person as a whole, when I’m surrounded by people who I love, and I know love me. So, I’ve been doing this since January; but I’m working hard to plan a coffee or lunch date with these types of people once a week. Wednesdays are usually my out and about days, so I love to book time with a friend then. And if we just spend the whole time laughing over nonsense – that sounds perfect to me. If they allow me to brainstorm ideas for my creative ventures or vice versa – awesome. But life is short, relationships MATTER, and I want to know I didn’t waste any opportunities to be with some really special people.
  4. GET ORGANIZED – y’all….I’m a mess. When I worked in an office, I had the messiest desk in the building; but I knew where everything was, what the status of every project, contract or schedule I was in charge of. Now that I’m working from home, it seems to have become a lost art! So….I feel like going back to basics and writing a To Do List for everything is the place to start for me. I love stationary, notebooks, daytimers, all of it; but here’s the catch. I’m GREAT at starting this habit; but suck at maintaining it. (anyone? anyone?) SO, this goal is going to require me to be consistent with intention. Wish me luck!
  5. Become More Involved in My Creative Community – turns out…..Natalie Franke, Creator of Rising Tide Society (and a total motivational rockstar….go ahead and listen to her being the guest speaker on the Creative Empire Podcast – Episode 57) has a fantastic point about finding Community and how to start growing as a creative. And go figure, having the good fortune of living in the Houston area, these groups actually exist and do EXACTLY that! So I can’t wait to meet more of my creative friends to learn from, share with, support and just watch us all grow into all the things we hope and dream for.

Why not make some goals of your own and we can work on them together?

xoxo Taryn


Photo credit to my fab friend @tluds…..thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty as a friend. You are always looking for ways to support me and I could not be more grateful….xoxox

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