Your Mother Was Right


I believe in this topic so much; but also have to give myself regular reminders to fix it all the time. I’m talking about POSTURE!

Remember when your mother or grandmother told you not to slouch…well, they are right! Don’t! Slouching is for cute Boots and socks from the 80’s!! (Come on…don’t lie, you probably have had both of these…!)


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Posture is just so important. We work to hard to take care of our bodies with the food we eat, the vitamins / minerals /  supplements we take in hopes that our muscles and bones are healthy for years to come. We workout so we can be strong and fit; but we need to make sure we are holding the structure of our body that we feed so well in the way it was intended. I almost wonder if proper posture is a thing of the past, even though it has so much to do with how we look and feel. Proper posture could be responsible for making it easier for us to be more positive and confident, while slouching can encourage negativity…..imagine that?!

Try this…stop what you are doing right now, whether you are sitting or standing. Are you slouched over, back hunched, shoulders rolled in and tummy loose? Almost like you have sunk into yourself a bit? How are you looking up and out to the world? Eyes over your glasses or do you actually lift your head high and look straight at the people and things around you?

If you are like most of us, whether you are working at a desk or Momming, your posture is the first to go because you have to consciously keep it proper. Which really is important, because it is so great for your skeletal structure and the muscles attached to it…and we can’t live without THOSE! So give this a try…imagine that there is a string attached to your back between your shoulder blades. Then imagine the string is being pulled back causing you to sit / stand straight. You may be surprised how hunched over you actually were, I know I ALWAYS am when I do this….even when I’m driving!

This is a technology based world where we have a screen in front of our face most hours of the day. So intentionally pull those shoulders back slightly so they are straight. Did you notice what happened? You tightened your CORE MUSCLES (yay for tight strong core muscles!), your chest rose up (but you are not sticking the girls OUT) and so did your chin. YOU my dear, are standing, in all your glory, at full height. How do things look from there?! You…..look awesome. Now check yourself in the mirror….dang girl! That’s what I’m talking about!

You are more alert, open to what’s to come, approachable and looking confident (which is great because we don’t always feel it, right?!). How did you present yourself before? A little hidden, closed, uninterested, tired? Maybe you didn’t even mean to…

No matter what you do….raise your babies, work at the mall/bank/corporate office or just love social gatherings and being with people. Having great posture is such a beautiful way to present yourself.

How does this relate to your Method to Beauty? WATCH how your clothes will drape / fit / look on you now. Wow, right?! Where there was fabric bunching or wrinkling before, it’s nice and smooth against you. It’s a beautiful thing really. And I mean this for all heights, whether you are 4’5″, 5’4″ or 6″+, and whether you are wearing flats or heels. You were created to walk this Earth upright and confident….go for it and OWN IT! ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE TALL!! I see so many tall women who crouch down and slouch in poor posture to blend in more with their shorter friends and I just think, that has to feel as awkward as it looks! I have a gorgeous friend who is right around 6″ tall and loves a 4″ heel. YES!! I always love watching her walk in a room. Her head is high, knowing she’s taller than most people in the room and rarely loses posture. Let me tell you, that chick gets noticed.

So my Method behind the Beauty here is to stand tall ladies, shoulders back, chin up, gut checked and let your clothes do what they were meant to do. You were beautifully and wonderfully made and the world deserves to see you shine…and if that means getting off the device and looking up a bit more, then maybe that’s a good place to start ;D


xoxo   Taryn


PS…I found this article on 9 ways to Improve Your Posture! See if any of this helps you out:

9 Ways to Improve Your Posture


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