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A Little Background….

Hi friends! My name is Taryn, it’s so great to meet you! I hope you came here for Style Tips; but first, here’s the 411 on me. I’m the Wife to an amazing man, a Mother to two gorgeous children and Believer in Jesus Christ, striving to Love as He loved us, and live a life of grace and humility.


Oh how I love it! Fashion and clothes have been a love of mine since as long as I can remember, always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with my personal style since High School; but think I found my niche around 28/29. I’ve been able to evolve my style to the different phases of my life really well since then!

The TLC show What Not To Wear was my Must See / Reality TV for almost the entire 10 years it aired.  I learned SO MUCH about how I approach a person’s style and fashion choices from this show.

I also loved InStyle Magazine from my mid 20’s on. It totally resonated with me when it showed one look; but the appropriate fashion choices for women in their 20s,30s and 40s. Which is likely why I don’t mind walking away from one trend, to embrace another. Not to mention all the digital resources that I can spend HOURS watching about all things Style. I know we can look GREAT at any age!


I’m addicted to accessories, which is why I worked with an Accessory Brand as a stylist for the past 8 years…..it’s how you Level UP your outfit to max out its potential, and it is SURPRISINGLY easy and takes the least amount of time when preparing for the day. I love teaching women how to finish a look; but recently, I figured, I can do more! So now, I’m a Personal Stylist! Yep, I can come to you and walk you through a closet clean out, wardrobe refresh AND help you shop if you need it.

I LOVE a deal; but I also have come to LOVE some higher end brands so I work very hard to be what I like to call a Hi/Lo Mixologist…..a little bit of everything. So I will always share where I find my style, deals, trends and so much more! #girlcode

Method39 was born out of my desire to help women find THEIR Method to Style. To be a destination to learn tips and trick you can incorporate right away. I want to help women know what works for them specifically, so they can walk in their closet daily, knowing they have great pieces to choose from!!

Style is expressed in many different ways; but when we look and feel our best, it SHOWS. As a Personal Wardrobe Stylist, my goal is to help you find that style, shop well to expand your wardrobe with the RIGHT things, and “get dressed” as often as possible. Because like Coco Chanel says, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. xoxo Taryn

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