Bad Hair Day….Totally OK


This hat….was one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. It’s more of a Fall / Winter look, seeing as it’s black and grey felt with a herringbone pattern on it; BUT it was an overcast, cool, and rainy day when I stepped out in this and it felt right. Plus….I’m having a bad hair day. We all do once in a while! That’s why I think every woman should invest (and when I say that, I mean spend around $25) in a cute fedora for both summer and fall. This style will NEVER be off trend. At least, not for me. Not only that, my personal opinion is that this is a much cooler way to shave some time off getting yourself ready to greet the world, than with a messy topknot. I just can’t wrap my head around that hairstyle….

image4 1

I’m off to meet a brand new friend for coffee and I just feel super comfortable in an outfit like this. A loose, kind of flowy bat wing top that is actually fitted around the waist so the shirt has some cool things going for it. I never have to tuck it in, and it is much more than a plain, black T. The neckline is wider, so even if you wanted to wear it off the shoulder, or more scooped in front, you CAN! I wear this top ALOT.  Although because of the extra material under the arms, it doesn’t fit into some of my jacket sleeves that well. I don’t like material all bunched up in weird places…..ANYwhere

This is the second time this week I embraced silver. I am so into gold right now; but with this awesome grey Waverly Cross Body (made big to look more like a messenger bag here than a fold over bag) how could I not. Mixing metals is totally cool these days…I guess I was feeling monochromatic! I love the chunky arm party…it’s that Lola Wrap again! I switched out the strap on my watch for the black perforated double wrap strap and then the silver cage bangle. The ring is the silver Maylee Ring and it is so stinkin’ cool…like a cage on your finger. And the necklace is one piece from the TIBURON NECKLACE.  Are you noticing a trend here?? Having versatility in your wardrobe is KEY!!

image1 11


image2 11

And how about my cute….very well worn slip ons?! I wear these babies A TON. It’s true, you will normally see me in heels. I feel tall in heels. I have better posture when I wear heels. My leg muscles look AWESOME when I wear heels. I am happy in heels. But if you are a mom like me, there are days where you just need to have comfy, easy on flats and lately these have been my faves (I really do wear them! Look how roughed up they are….) When I first saw these, I fell for the JOIE BRAND version; but was trying to be a savvy shopper, so I came across these by Halogen. For about a third of the price, and they have served me well since late this past Fall.

So here’s to a new friendship with some old favorites….when is the last time you sat down and spent some time with something you don’t know well? Maybe this week….don’t forget your hat.

xoxo  Taryn


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