Be An Original


All through my life, I’ve just really liked clothes. Any kind really. I grew up a farm girl so we had “town / school clothes”, “play clothes”, “church clothes” and so on. This does not mean we had ALOT of clothes, just very specific categories! So I guess you could say my mother taught me early on to separate the good stuff out and have some respect for it.

Not all clothes are created equal, and as I went from college student to career woman that became really clear. I remember almost all of my clothing decisions were based on not wanting to look like everyone else; but I didn’t want to be completely opposite either. ALOT of my clothes as a child through my teenage years were hand-me-downs from my older sister and cousin. So while I always got excited to go through that GLAD garbage bag full of potentially awesome outfits….it was when I was in high school I knew I loved experimenting with my look, and there was one day, I remember it clearly, that my friends older sister told me she loved my style….that I was “original”. I immediately liked the way that sounded and have kept that in my mind ever since.

As anything, our style evolves. And it should! We can’t leave the house at 35 wearing what we did at 25! A whole decade of trends has come and gone….. I firmly believe our style grows and matures with us and if you are like me, it is quite interesting to look back and wonder how you left the house looking like that ;D

One thing I do know is I have never been more sure of my personal style, what looks good and feels good on me, than I am now. My style evolution has been all over the map; but landed in a very comfortable and chic place (if I do say so myself!). I understand my Method to Style really well right now.

The days of buying as much as possible for as little as possible are over…now its (my definition of) the good stuff, sprinkled with great deals and affordable, on trend, “now” pieces that typically don’t last more than a season or two. Classic looks mixed with trend have never steered me wrong….but once in a while I will find something super fun in the least likely place and it’s pretty awesome!

Most days when I’m getting ready, I will create my Method to Style around a necklace I really want to wear, or a new pair of shoes, or the type of jeans that I have clean that day…you know it happens! The laundry fairy skips my place ALOT so if it’s clean, sometimes that’s where the inspiration starts ;D

Look in your closet….what do you LOVE wearing? What makes you feel GREAT? What is your go to pieces for a rainy/sunny/cold/hot day? Are some of those pieces looking a little rough? Is your Method to Style all over the map? I truly hope I can help you with how to put outfits together with this blog. I want to mix in a Method to Style Education as well as my own outfit inspirations to help you all along the way. I do this all to be helpful, contribute to you finding your Method to Style, and bring a little joy to the world with something I love.

xoxo  Taryn

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