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Maybe you have noticed that you spend alot of time on your computer / iphone / ipad. And not just for social media updates and sharing your pics; but you are shopping there, aren’t you?! How amazing is that?! You can click a link or image you like, then have the shopping site appear right before your eyes.

I am super excited to say that I have recently joined Shop Style Collective!! It is an amazing service that allows me to be a personal shopper for you, any time. Not only that, I get to share my outfits details, plus other similar pieces, all available for you to buy, or forward to a friend who might like them, through the customized link! I am totally pumped at how many amazing brands (both high end and budget friendly!) I can choose from to share with you.

Let’s be honest, what is the thing that we cannot put a price on, and wish we had more of? Time. I genuinely feel I will be able to bring you the most value if I can help you with your style AND save you time!! Who always has time to browse the mall, keep up on trends, know how to put outfits together? Not everyone that is for sure, and not as often as we like. SO, that’s while I can come to your home and help you with a Wardrobe Consultation, this is the next best thing.

You can follow me on the blog and in my Style Insiders page for frequent links on products or styles that I’m loving in the moment. But you can also ask me to send specific looks and options, right to you! Whether via text, email or facebook messenger, I am really excited to be able to try to help you make finding your Authentic Style, in the extra minutes you have throughout your busy day!

Nothing feels better than having someone say I helped them, just by sharing style, tips and tricks, so ShopStyle Collective helps me take it to the next level.

My goal is to make your Click & Shop experience fun, easy, intentional AND hopefully efficient. If you click a few things and I’m not on the right track, then let me know and I’ll refine the suggestions for you. If I nailed it, add to cart and get it on its way to you right then and there.

It will look something like this – My Suggestions for a Mix and Match Summer Getaway. You get to click on each item and see if it is right for you and in your price range. If not, you let me know and I send other options! Simple and EASY!


The other great news, I do love to shop. Love, love, love it, so if you wanted to spend some time with me in a store to walk you through getting a few key pieces you can build on, and wear multiple ways, DONE! Let’s find a time to connect and make it happen.

xoxo Taryn

PS, if you aren’t a member of my Style Insiders page, then click here to join….we’d love to have you!


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