Here is my road trip outfit! I chose something comfy, loose fitting, pretty and, well, it’s predictably my go to. Jeans, flowy top and sandals! Here’s a few links to these pieces or similar ones in case you are loving them:

We’ve all heard it….”Home is where your heart is” or “Home is where you hang your hat”, things like that. In my life, we’ve moved as a family only twice, and then my parents have moved to another home since then. When I visit, I know I’m not visiting my childhood home; but I DO know, and certainly¬†feel like I’m home.

When I do get to Mom & Dad’s house though….it’s definately where I grew up. That sounds weird right? But even though I’ve never lived life inside those walls, when I walk through the house, Mom has made it our childhood home! I just have to look around and I will see old things that I can remember since the time I can remember anything. There are a few new things that are great additions and give the place an updated feel. No matter what though, the nostalgia is very real, and the feeling of HOME runs deep.

In my last visit, I noticed so many little tiny ornaments, gifts us kids have given them over the years still out on display, or pictures, all perfectly and inconspicuously placed, that she has managed to keep all throughout the years. I can’t even explain how insignificant they would be to anyone else, yet take me straight back to being a kid. And I’m so grateful! Then there are the big things like her huge, shiny walnut dining table, chairs, china cabinet and sideboard. It’s where we have ALWAYS sat as a family of 7 and when friends would gather. Looking a little more worn over the 4 decades I have known it; but still perfect.

Not only that, with them living on a farm and loving the simple life, wifi sucks out there. At first I was mad, since I spend alot of time with WordPress and Instagram. How in the world does a blogger go 100% off the grid?? Being there meant that I have to turn the phone off and just be present, enjoy the vast, gorgeous view, have conversation, sip coffee on the deck and walk through the grass barefoot. Sounds awful doesn’t it? On top of that I watched my kids check out the cows and jump on the trampoline, not on their ipods. Yep, awful…awfully glorious once I embraced it.

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Being with family is pretty good for the soul, then there’s my Mom’s soul food cooking. My absolute favorite dish. It’s not fancy; but it’s mouth watering every time. Fried baked chicken….this is how it looks before it goes into the oven to bake for an hour. Once done, it is like butter and falls off the bone so tender and juicy….DANG! (Fun fact, when I was a kid, mom would ask what I wanted for my birthday dinner….this was what I chose every time!!)

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My point of this post, is there is no place like home; but no matter what four walls you are in, it’s the people, the little things, the food, the memories built over all of your years and beyond, that come together. It’s more of a feeling, than a place. For me anyway. My childhood home is where ever my Mom & Dad live at any given time, and my home, is where ever Kent and our kids are, until they grow up and start their own lives. Then it will be back to just Kent and I. Of course, I hope our kids feel the same way whenever they come back to visit us. Whether they come for the cooking, the downtime, advice or the memories….that’s what Home is all about, isn’t it?

xoxo Taryn

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