It’s My Birthday!


Just like that, I’m 41! 

Here’s how we celebrated it: Wake up, get ready, family made me a full on breakfast, go to church, take the kids shoe shopping (because they can’t seem to fit into a pair of runners for more than 6 months lately!) and grabbed a new pair for me too, come home so my hubby can make me a fabulous dinner and toast to another year of living a life we love. (I even fit in a little nap!) THAT, was positively dreamy to this chick.

Can I just say that this most current year feels like it’s been the fastest?! For the record, I’m thrilled to be in the 40’s club, did not shed one tear for leaving my 30’s and LITERALLY feel like the best is yet to come.

I’m more and more encouraged that there is still time for me to find my creative success, patience, as always, is a virtue, kindness trumps almost anything, so what is the RUSH?  What if we just really took the time to enjoy the process, the journey, the twists and turns we are navigating through in our one life?

At 41, I feel gifted with a little something called “experience” and “resiliance”. I’ve had ideas and never took them anywhere. I’ve tried and failed; but I’ve also tried new things and been very successful.  I don’t think, for one second, anyone owes me anything. I’ve never wanted ANYTHING in life without earning it with my own grit, ability and determination. I don’t like change very much, and I’m finding out I am a slow learner when it comes to new technology; but hey…..slow and steady wins the race, right?

It’s hardly been a year for Method39, and now I want to layer more ways to help define STYLE! How to dress your shape, how to find the colors that look best on you, the differences between styles and maybe going from office attire to streetstyle, and so much more. Not just MY thoughts; but maybe see what some experts have to say……At 24 I might have been embarrassed to share that because I wouldn’t want people to judge me for being “indecisive” or even “flaky” with my mission; but HELLO 41!! This version of me is PROUD to say I’m not afraid to PIVOT (come on Friends fans… laughed at that….I KNOW you did!!).

So today I celebrate having another whole year of life (gratitude!), focusing on my family (priority #1), spending a little time with Jesus (the resurrected King who is resurrecting me), and knowing really great things are coming into my life because of relationships, patience, and yes, even with this little thing called Method39.

xoxo Taryn

PS….could not be more overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all the people who took the time to send me a message whether by text, Facebook post, Instagram, or calling me. Knowing I’m heading into another year with that much love being sent my way makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you to ALL of you.

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