My Top 5 Favorite Shoes I Own (so far!)


OHHHH, how I love a great pair of shoes!! And in the last couple of years, I’ve really embraced the nude / neutral tones. It really does go with everything! And since living in the Houston area for the last 5 years, I can also get a ton of wear out of my open toed styles, which happen to be my favorites anyway….win win! So here is my list of shoe Must Have’s (in my humble opinion):


You’ve seen alot of these…it’s my leather Vince heels from last Summer. For me, quality in these shoes speaks volumes. The leather is buttery soft yet holds its shape, the closure on the side is a really cool detail and doesn’t look worn in, even though these shoes SURELY are. The heel is sturdy, and while that may have something to do with it being a bit more substantial, I really do not feel like I’m wearing a towering high heel, even though they actually are! I love a good heel…makes my legs look defined from my calves all the way up, gives me some height (and at 5’4″ I will take all I can get) and I just stand taller when I walk in them. So these babies get a 4.75 out of 5 on my scale. Versatile, comfortable and I will wear these shoes out before the style is over, which is awesome. Worth the investment of around $300.


image1 10

Everyone needs a really great black heel, and these Ted Baker’s do not disappoint. They are VERY high, and when walking on that skinny heel you really feel it; but the sexiness of the straps make up for it. I have worn these with black coated denim (seen above), with a gorgeous flowy Pucci dress, ripped denim (as seen in my home screen pic) and this weekend I will be wearing them with a gorgeous white dress with black accents. I feel like a million bucks in them and it makes me happy whenever I finish off an outfit with these. I love the gold buckle detail since I tend to accessorize in gold alot, and the fact that my foot sits on a suede-like finished leather is happiness. I find the width of the strap over my toes is just the right size so it doesn’t dig into my foot (I’ve had some that do and it HURTS…no matter how cute they look, when the shoe starts to eat your foot, it all goes downhill from there). I found these on a whim while shopping on Amazon before a conference last year and was completely thrilled with them when they arrived. I also loved how they had the Ted Baker Monogram in gold on the bottom…just a little added detail to make them extra special. The price point was great for me around $125 and again, I think I will wear these shoes out before they go out of style. Money well spent, so I give these a 4 out of 5 only because they can feel a little high when I first put them on, and about 2/3 of the way through the night. Even though I’ve danced for a couple hours in these babies, I’m always pretty happy to take them off.


Laces Out!

These….oh my goodness, THESE lace up booties were the BEST PURCHASE I have ever made friends!!!! I was looking everywhere for a nude lace up bootie…and I kind of feel like I was “late to the party” on getting these since it seemed like they were in stores forever; but when I decided I was going to actually buy them, they literally disappeared! Has that ever happened to you? FRUSTRATING! So I had a random thought to look in Payless Shoe Source. I used to shop there alot YEARS ago; but have since fallen for designer brands alot, which is hard on the wallet; but so comfortable on the feet. So in my moment of need, I walked down the size 7 aisle and these were literally the first booties I saw. GEEZ LOUISE I scored exactly what I was looking for, in 5 minutes, and they were on sale for $35!!! WHAT!?! And friends, that’s not even the absolute best part….I get a compliment, or sometimes STOPPED by fellow shoppers or my friends, every, single, time I wear these. And imagine THEIR surprise when I tell them where I got them!!! I think alot of us have abandoned that little store but clearly it is worth stepping back into once in a while! So these get a 5 out of 5 from me. Comfortable. Affordable. Go with absolutely every darn thing I own. Heel height is PERFECT…not too high; but not at all short. I can wear these on a date, girls night, grocery shopping, to a style session and everything in between.


These Ivanka Trump heels were a total score two years ago at Marshall’s. I know, we all hate to hear that something cute on someone else, that we would like to buy for ourselves, came from Marshall’s….because we KNOW it won’t be there when we finally get in to check it out (but, on the bright side, you might find something far more awesome as a result of braving that chaos). These heels are the perfect shade of grey that will look great with denim or dresses. I love, love, L-O-V-E the snakeskin detail. It’s why I bought the shoes….because by now you know I’m all about the details that set things apart and show my authentic sense of originality. Again open toe, love that. The zip up closure at the back does not dig into the back of my heel like some can and again, that just RUINS a night out. I also like how these are more like a bootie than a shoe; but all the cut outs keep it on the lighter side. I think I paid about $54 for these babies and they still are a shoe I look forward to wearing a couple years later! I give these a 4 out of 5 only because that skinny heel can feel a bit wobbly at times. I have to pay attention when I’m walking in these, especially on a slippery surface!!


FullSizeRender 12

Rebecca Minkoff summer sandals, oh how I love thee. I put these on my birthday wish list earlier this year, and my fabulous hubby went and visited my Stylist / girlfriend at Nordstrom and snagged them for me. I love them so much. Way more than I originally thought I would. The metal details are edgy and cool enough to wear with denim; but I have sported these with many of my day dresses. I think the shiny metal on the buckle and hardware leans more towards dressy than causal. The color combo is perfect to wear with anything as it’s totally neutral, and the little wrap around my ankle is just plain fun! I get stopped ALOT….in the grocery store, at the mall, just yesterday in the terminal shuttle in Orlando, by women wanting to know where I got those amazing shoes. Clearly I love heels, so when I buy flats they have to have alot of personality and versatility, and these have it in spades. They also come in all black, and for $149 I feel like they were definatley worth it. Once again, designers have a quality that is felt everytime you wear the show. No digging in by my ankle where the buckle is (which I was a little worried about), nice wide strap at the toes, no stretching of the side when I walk….just a great all day, any day sandal, so I give these a 4.5 out of 5 (only because that can be a little pricey for a sandal!)

So there you have it, some insight on the shoes I wear alot of in the posts. I feel very strongly that shoes can really pull an outfit together, or be that little bit of  UMPH to complete your look. If you are getting a solid colored shoe, try to find one that has great details, or an interesting cut or configuration on the foot. I am loving all the lacing and tassel details that are really on trend right now. Sam Edelman has an AWESOME pair of Gladiator Sandals that are super comfortable. Don’t fall into the plain jane trap here! On the other hand, let your personality shine through with your footwear, against your cute denim and white Tshirt! A little pattern, texture, snakeskin or shimmer might be just what you need! When you are going for a heel height that is new to you, I really encourage you to spend some time wearing them / walking in them before your big night out. Honestly, there is nothing worse that a woman who is dressed to kill; but can’t stand up straight or is limping because her feet are screaming at her for the vice grip her shoes have on her. Here’s my rule….you NEVER show it when your feet hurt. You made that choice, you stand up straight and walk tall even when your pinky toe is mashed beyond belief! I’m serious! It’s why you don’t choose shoes lightly and really know what you are comfortable in, whether you wear them for long or short periods of time.

Hope that gives you some ideas on how to finish off your looks and add to your footwear collection….now….who wants to go shopping??!!

xoxo Taryn

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