Navy + White Looks So Right


Ohhh, my FAVE color to wear is Navy!!! It has been for years and I was pretty excited when a friend got me this super cute J.Crew Off The Shoulder top….I especially love that it is a more boxy cut, even though I can’t give it my signature side tuck, with this top, that’s A-OK!

I’m not a very “nautical” person when it comes to my style, and these navy and white stripes kind of scream that; but if I wanted to go for that look, I would pair this with white cropped / rough cut hemmed jeans or linen pants /shorts and some super cute espadrilles with a neutral perforated tote or a woven bag, as if asking the world….”where is my boat?!” SO, if that is your look…..go for it!! I love how pieces of our wardrobe can be transformed with different finishing touches. That’s what Method39 is all about!


These jeans are Kensie Jeans and I have had them for at least 3 years….I wash them inside out, hang to dry and give a few minutes on tumble in the dryer before I wear them to smooth out any wrinkles, and so the color lasts and they don’t show excessive wear. They were my first pair of super tight skinny jeans and it surprised me how much I embraced them! What I love about this shot (above) is that it gives the illusion I have long legs…(remember peeps…I’m 5’4″) so with a really slim legged pant, a rolled up cuff and a high heeled shoe that comes up to the ankle (or a stilletto / pointed toe heel would do the same here) my legs are given a ton more length. Also having a dark material on the jean makes them look a little more polished / upscale and clearly defines my lines. WIN!

All accessories can be found on my FINISH THE LOOK page on the Home Page of my blog, in case you have fallen for this pendant as much as I have. Man…I wear this with almost everything! It’s the right color gold, totally on trend with being a long pendant, the details at the bottom give it movement and flow, and I love the chain on it. The two diamond necklaces never come off…that’s right, since they are solid gold and diamonds, I can wear them to bed, in the shower, while working out, and going out…and let me assure you, I DO. They haven’t come off in about 6 months, so if that’s the kind of simple, yet elegant look you like, whether in workout gear or a little black dress….I highly recommend you hit up the Covet section of my Finish The Look page… good. And to finish off the accessories, I chose some very dainty gold bangles and one with hand painted enamel in a fun orange color to add a pop of color to the wrist. Voila! Ready to meet a new friend for coffee, run some errands, then head to Re|Engage later in the evening.

And my shoes….they make so many appearances in my Instagram feed and on the blog in Spring – Fall….I love my Vince heels. They are a neutral, a nice block heel that is truly easy to walk on. Even though they are super high, I don’t feel like I’m overdressed in them…EVER. I prefer them with jeans or shorts to be honest.

This is where I would like to add my personal opinion / 2 cents to the whole Off The Shoulder Trend……while it may look as though I’m “late to the party”, truth is, I didn’t embrace it. Flat out, it was a no for me. Once I saw every single person I knew and every single person I followed wearing it, I knew I wouldn’t be. And not only that…it was becoming a Show Your Full Chest and Arms Half Way To Your Elbow look. I believe there is a LIMIT to how far down you pull these tops and in every style, I believe it is far sexier to show a hint, than give it all away at first glance….if you are showing the line of your armpit, that, to me, is way to far! Now it’s your whole upper body! No thank you. You might think that is hilarious since I’ve got a blog on fashion and I talk about trends, etc. I still feel like there is a strong need to not ALWAYS follow the pack. It’s what makes my style AUTHENTICALLY mine! I don’t want to go to a lunch or a party and show up with a similar outfit, just different colors as 1 or 10 others there. I love being able to add my own personal flair to outfits; but I definately stick close to classic looks and colors.

Another reason I shyed away from it is because I do not think strapless bras are flattering to me. I just don’t. I’m a small chested gal. It’s just not my fave and they are a MUST with this look. So whether the OTS top was flowy (which is my favorite material), snug or anything in between I didn’t think it looked right on me. BUT….when my friend got me this one, which is alot more structured, boxy and forgiving where the undergarments are, I gave it a try…and love it! Plus, I have a fondness towards it because a friend thought to get it for me. Yes, sentimentality factors into my wardrobe.

What do you think of following every trend? Do you find the ones you like and embrace them, while saying no to others, or do you LOVE to be hip and current every step of the way?! Either way, that’s part of your Method to Style and you should love it!

xoxo Taryn


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