Pretty In Pink


Ever since I was little I have worn shades of pink….not a huge fan of the soft pink (unless, OF COURSE, it was a vase full of peonies, roses or tulips!); but a good solid shade of fuschia, well, now we are talking about something I can wear!

Summer calls for bringing out the color and I took full opportunity with this outfit. But then if you think about it, I could have went understated and done some really pretty layered delicates, either gold or silver. Or maybe a more natural accessory like a earthy strand of beads with little gold accents. Then there is the statement necklace with some sparkle in mixed metals or primarily gold or silver! I can pair this tank with distressed skinny jeans, navy pin striped dress pants, a summer blazer, a cute denim skirt. So really, the opportunities are endless and I love finding a piece that can have so many personalities put into it, from Spring even through to Fall! That is some serious bang for your style buck, and even though this top is one of my very favorite brands, Joie, I was able to score this beautiful silk number at Marshalls (went in on a whim) at a fantastic price!


image1 13


It’s slightly longer in the back, and I just have a habit of tucking in a bit of the front of every top I have. I think it just lets me give the fabric some shape, the opportunity for it to drape a bit on the sides, and if it is too long, then I can bring it up to a length I prefer.

Cobalt Blue!! WOW, right?

image4 2

I can’t say enough about this piece…it is one of those incredibly versatile ones from STELLA & DOT  that always just seems to surprise and delight with the many different ways to show off the style. This one can become three more simpler necklace. So you can remove the tassels completely, you can split up the blue strands, and wear them together or separate. Which makes this necklace PERFECT for pairing with your other accessories to add a pop of color, or to BE your pop of color! And this bracelet….it’s so incredibly fun…it was designed to remind us of my generation of those super cool embroidery friendship bracelets we used to make each other! I know, right?! But that isn’t all. It’s FOUR different looks in one. Yep! It’s a layered bracelet as one piece. Then of course, I added the gold Renegade and my gold Michael Kors watch. I got it for myself as a present about 5 years ago; but if you like it, THIS  is one of my new favorites. I think that tortoise shell is a neutral, what about you?

image2 12

White shorts, it’s a summer staple. These I got at Old Navy last year, and I like them because they aren’t obnoxiously short. I feel like everything out there is getting shorter and shorter no matter what age you are, which causes issue with me. There is no need for me, at 40, to be strutting around in itty bitty shorts a 20 year old can pull off. Don’t get me wrong, I work out and love my leg muscles when they show up (which is why you will OFTEN see me in heels on any random day); but when it comes to showing off my butt cheeks if I bend down to pick something up, that’s a line I have a hard time crossing.

image5 1

Last pic is of me and my shades! The new Mirimar Sunglasses are black, with a super cool marbled inside and are all you need to protect your eyes from the sun and look good doing it!

Now get out there and grab yourself some summer color! Will you choose a piece of clothing, and accessory, or both?


xoxo Taryn




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