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Well, if you live in Houston, you know that this past weekend was pretty darn close to SWEATER WEATHER! And then just like that, it’s gone again! So while I’m posting this Monday, for Sunday, it’s nowhere near cool or chilly. Gotta love that never ending summer…..but that said, I’ll still take a moment to chat about this fun outfit I wore to church and then Sunday Brunch on a beautiful patio. Before we headed out though, I did a quick Selfie Session in my courtyard with my iPhone6. Loving the morning colors and not to mention how the natural sunlight is making my hair color shimmer!


So this sweater is my latest purchase from EXPRESS CLOTHING and I am pretty excited to share it. Not only is it a nice sized knit, with a really nice loose fit so it drapes perfectly, it’s got a really low drop shoulder hem with a zipper. By now you know I LOVE to buy clothes that have a little something extra, or even unexpected details to them, this top doesn’t disappoint. Those zippers actually open, and it becomes a super fun, edgy cold shoulder top! I wore it like that with a very fancy statement necklace and my black coated denim jeans for our anniversary dinner last week….and I could also wear it with some long, delicate layering necklaces and ripped up denim to change the look. I struggled with which color to buy and it’s been a while since I had this green in a top, so I forced myself to put the grey one down and snag this beauty, and I’m so glad I did! BUT, if you can’t decide, Express Sweaters are on buy one, get the other HALF OFF so I say check out this one and so many others before they sell out.



I do love this STELLA & DOT SCARF because it’s light and flowy; but can be bunched up and made to have more volume when needed. I decided I liked the bunched up collar look on this sweater, and since I did that, I just stuck with my super delicate diamond necklaces (M for Meyer and an arrow for adventure) that I never take off. And if you don’t already know, leopard is a neutral, so I encourage you to grab a scarf like this one, and pair it with all kinds of tops in your wardrobe! And being that this print has beige, black and grey in it….well, that’s just perfect. But you can’t finish this look without adding a cool arm party. All of these bracelets and watch are pretty much neutrals, with great elements of sparkle, mixed metals, mother of pearl and leather… which means I can wear this combo with pretty close to any outfit I put together….day or night.



I was originally going to use my black leather WAVERLY COVET BAG but decided to break up the dark sweater, denim and boots with my most favorite Sunday Bucket Bag by Covet, a Stella & Dot Brand. Why do I like it so much? Well, most days I wear it as a cross body; but today, I threaded the shoulder strap through the hardware and made a shorter strap to wear a little more traditionally. Either way, the color and feel of this bag sets it apart from others. You KNOW you own a luxe brand and product, and I especially love that it is untouched by logos, branding, or print of any kind on the leather (but inside is another story! Gorgeous custom jacquard lining that is durable and full of character). It’s nice for the quality and craftsmanship to speak for itself, and I have no shortage of compliments by people when I wear it. Besides, why do I want to always be carrying something that clearly, everyone else has? I’m here to be an original!



These are the boyfriend jeans that make me feel great when I wear them. I think I’m cooler than I really am when I wear them, and they look amazing with flats, heels, booties or slides. I always roll them up at the bottom no matter what shoe I’m wearing them with, and the fit/wash/style works for me and my body shape perfectly. They were a splurge last Fall at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These ones are the DRE BOYFRIEND JEAN that are still available online! Not on sale at the moment (sorry!) but I find they are worth every penny. Take care of your premium denim, wash it inside out and in cold water, hang to dry and you will find that its an investment that looks great as long as you have it.



Did you notice that I’m still rocking the belt look? Yep, and this one is about 15 years old, the RIGHT color brown for about any outfit, and I don’t know what it is; but I can’t bring myself to wear jeans WITHOUT one. I don’t like the idea of bending down and my denim coming with me. Not only that, I kind of like having another element to break up my outfit since I always tuck the front of my tops, whether its a tshirt, blouse, or sweater, just slightly into the front of my jeans. And since I wear ALL my jeans low waisted, I like that it feels like a more even line to break up the flow of my outfit, instead of at my natural waist.



It’s never a bad thing to have a great pair of jet black shades….the sun shines in every season, you might as well protect your eyes and look good doing it.



Ok…..these…..THESE BOOTS make me so very happy. I’ve been looking for a black bootie; but seem to be incredibly picky about them. I happened to come across these while in DILLARDS while shopping in The Woodlands Mall a couple weeks ago. I’m not going to lie, I first fell completely head over heels for a completely different pair, these COLE HAAN BOOTIES; but couldn’t justify $200 on them at the time (and as I write this they are PERMANENTLY REDUCED to $140! So if they are your style and you like that price range, snap them up, they also come in grey!) So I kept looking. And then, out of the corner of my eye these BCBG GENERATION BOOTIES popped up, and under $90! I have to say, I’m completely and totally impressed with them. While the heel is high and skinny (which I love about it) the combination of the peep toe to give a little more wiggle room for the toes AND the incredibly, buttery soft leather that has some flex in it, literally makes these boots ridiculously comfortable to wear! No joke!!!! And I feel like a bit of a rockstar, which is always great. I’m a huge supporter of the idea that the right outfit can have us walking out in the world with our heads a little higher, our shoulders back, our eyes looking straight, not down, and a smile for anyone we come across. And what in the world could possibly be wrong with that. Do not confuse confidence with arrogance….those are two VERY separate traits.

With this being Thanksgiving week, I know you are probably busy with the To Do list of preparing a feast or just travelling to attend one, or maybe you are on a vacation or just spending it quietly at home….whatever it is, I’m thankful for you, and I am grateful you took the time to check out this post and hopefully you got a little inspired to try something new (animal print? zipper shoulder sweater?) as you discover your Method to Style.

xoxo Taryn

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