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Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to decide what to wear everyday? Your closet was full of pieces that can easily go together? Wait, that’s actually a great idea! Simplify your life and know that you can wear a similar version of one outfit, day after day, and always look fresh and ready for anything. Now we’re talking!


Quite the opposite, it’s as basic as it gets. I’ve had many uniforms through my last 20 years or so, and I’d bet dollars to donuts you have too. But do you know what yours is, or the base to your personal style is, right now? Alot of ladies seem to struggle here when there days don’t have the structure of a 9am-5pm job where they are wardrobe guidelines. No problem! That’s what Method39, and I, am here for!


For me, I make it really simple. I will invest in great denim with a classic wash. The more embellishments and details you have on your BASE PIECES (ie. pants, jeans, blazers) the more recongnizeable they are to those you spend time with. For me, I don’t want it to look like I’m wearing the SAME THING all the time, just that I have a consistent look. Even better when I can add details with accessories, color, pattern, texture and of course, a great pair of shoes or bag. Here’s a very typical look for me for summer:

red, tank, vneck, bold, pretty, casual, method39

And then there is this one, different top, same denim but this style is not distressed; but it’s a totally different vibe:

madewell, plaid, button up, casual look, everyday style, method39, suede heels, rag and bone denim, BCBGeneration heels, mystyle

See! Similar; but different….makes getting dressed pretty easy, right?! Now, I know this look won’t work if you spend 5 days a week in an office. Rest assured, I can help you figure out how to create a very consistent, professional look, so you always look as smart as you are. I loved dressing for work (way back in the day), so I always enjoy helping my professional friends and clients get a wardrobe that rocks.


Check this out. The fabulous Express T; but switched up the look with three very different scarves!

Express, Tshirt, mauve, fall fashion, layers, leopard scarf, oatmeal knit, infinity scarf, plaid, blanket scarf, layering, versatility, everyday style, how to accessorize


That’s where your creative style comes in. For me, I consistently roll my jeans the same way on all denim. Not sure how? Well click here for FOUR ways to mess with your cuff!

Next, I always do a front / side tuck. I like the way it drapes the material, regardless of whether it’s a sweater, button up or a T, and also shows my waistline so there is some definition in the middle of my body; but it’s not the complete tucked in look. The more flowy, casual and cool the better. Remember, every time you create a line in your look (neckline, waistline, hem line, ankle strap or shoe) your eye stops there for a moment, so make sure you aren’t doing to much or too little of that!


People change, opinions flex and style evolves, so don’t EVER be afraid to try something new. Just know when you don’t like something. Trends come and go; but start with YOUR classic style and you can add and take away accessories or items that speak to the season. Honestly, I like a “uniform” that I can wear almost all year and just switch up with a few seasonal pieces.

front tuck, sweater style, fall fashion, how to wear it, method39, fashion stylist, street style, get in uniform, rag and bone denim, suede boots, get the look

front tuck, sweater weather, skinny jeans, my style, method39, wardrobe stylist, suede heels, fall fashion,

rag and bone, waffle shirt, burgandy, boyfriend jeans, suede boots, get in uniform, what I wear, my style, everydaystyle, method39, wardrobe stylist,

front tuck, sweater weather, burgandy express sweater, off the shoulder, rag and bone denim, distressed jeans, leopard heels, method39, my style, my method, wardrobe stylist, everyday style, wear it

sweater weather, leopard scarf, stella and dot, green sweater, express, zippers, rag and bone denim, boyfriend cut, black leather booties, open toe, BCBGeneration, my look, my style, eveyday style, method39, wardrobe stylist, get in uniform


Need some help with your uniform? Has your style evolved and you just aren’t quite sure you know what exactly is “you” right now? I’m here for you!! Let’s connect for a wardrobe consultation if you are local, or even just an online / virtual meeting to see how I can help steer you in the right direction for not just shopping; but creating outfits our of pieces you already have! First things first…you’ve got to clean out that closet. I’ll be doing a WHOLE ‘NOTHER post on that task….I got you.

xoxo Taryn

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