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You feel it too right? January is cold. Time to get in the Trenches!! No matter where you live this year, this winter is making everyone reach for a jacket. From Florida to Northern Alberta! Who would have thought! Be sure to read all the the way through…style ideas and shopping links, as always, are attached below!


While this is smack dab in the middle of winter for MOST, this is also a GREAT time to keep your eyes open for the remaining sales on outerwear! Whether you wear it very much this year, which is still VERY possible, this is going to guarantee that you have a stylish, classic, versatile trench for next winter. Or maybe 3 years from now depending on how often the mercury dips in your area!


There is a great book from one of my favorite brands called WhoWhatWhere – The Career Code.  It’s the newest book on fashion that I’ve bought, because there is always something new to learn! Here’s what they shared about “the best time to shop sales”. When I get new shopping tips, you better believe I’m going to pass that on to you beautiful readers!


Should you be intrigued and want to get the book for yourself, or your daughter about to enter the business world, it’s a really great guide to not just dressing for your career; but how to handle all kinds of work related scenarios. For this sale shopping guidance head to page 66 & 67 for a really awesome circle chart; but here is the breakdown:

JANUARY – suits

FEBRUARY – jewelry (especially just before Valentine’s Day)

MARCH – luggage

APRIL – raincoats

APRIL / MAY – vintage; spring clothes, shoes & accessories

JUNE – lingerie

JULY / AUGUST – summer items (shop July for more sale sizes. August for better discounts)

AUGUST – swimsuits

SEPTEMBER – sunglasses

OCTOBER – jeans, fall designer clothing, shoes, and accessories via Friends and Family sales

NOVEMBER – luxury items (especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday), pajamas (later in the month), sneakers

DECEMBER – outerwear, boots


There are so many different types of jackets out there; but I strongly suggest, you take a moment to consider what your personal style might be. Do you like a bomber style (sits at your waist), a ski jacket (puffy or down filled for those super cold days), or a trench coat like I’m showing in the picture above?

Fabric and stuffing / filling matters. Here is an article that shows how the more synthetic the material, the less warm it could be. Cotton, wool, and silk blends will be beautiful and durable on the outside, where as, down (duck or goose feathers), felt, fur or faux fur, and sheepskin will keep you warm and toasty on the inside. SIDE NOTE: if you are going to be in really wet conditions, down filling is not going to be your friend. Synthetic is the better option here because it’s made to mimic the benefits of down filling; but with a polyester base that can perform, to an extent, in wet conditions.

Natural fibers and fillers are always things I look for. That said, synthetic fillers and fabrics are more affordable and may be perfect for when shopping for your kids (because they grow like crazy) or if you are transitioning your style and need something to get you through the remainder of a season.


Total transparency, complete spontaneous purchase at peak price. Thank goodness, it’s literally amazing (to me), and it’s 13 years old. Yep, you take care of the good stuff, and it lasts. Back then, it cost me just under $500 (no, I didn’t look for it during peak sale times..ugh). I found it at the store Aritzia in Toronto, Ontario while I was visiting a friend for a weekend. Splurges had already been made in the clothing department; but I put this baby on and was like, whoa. Thankfully I had no “buyers remorse” because at the time, I had a pretty clear sense of my style. Have you been there? Bought something that dazzled you in the moment, then a short amount of time passes and you were like, “WHAT was I thinking spending $X on this!” If so, you might want to check out my previous post about shopping with intention!


The reason this trench cost so much, is because it is a wool and cashmere blend, I’ve yet to see it look less than perfect. Solidly lined inside with a durable and luxurious fabric, has hidden snaps on the closure and belt, so they eye gets a seamless image. (You can also get this same effect if the buttons are the same color as the fabric). Plus, anything that cinches you at the waist is pretty darn flattering. That structured collar on this trench makes me feel upscale the second I put it on, and it’s double breasted which is very professional and chic. While the classic oatmeal color will literally go with everything. This jacket goes from dressy to casual in a snap (looks great with a blouse, distressed denim and heels), and the length (hitting just below the back of my knees) is spot on.

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If you plan to wear your trench with trousers or denim mostly, you can go with something that hits mid thigh for a more casual, yet still polished look.

Should you be looking for something a bit more upscale that also works well with skirts or dresses, look for something around knee length. TIP – for shorter women, make sure the hemline doesn’t go between your calf and ankle, that will take away from an elongated look, and when we are vertically challenged, we’ll take the look of some height any day right?! HA! And too much fabric, if not proportional to our frame, not belted or shaped correctly, can look less polished, dare I say, frumpy….YIKES! So don’t be in a rush, try on a whole bunch of styles to find one you love.


Outerwear will always be a bit pricey. It’s got to have function and style. When I look back, this trench actually has cost me pennies. I wear it so often, and even though the last 6 years in Houston area has not called for me to need it much, I’m CERTAINLY glad I have it. When you look at your jackets, don’t get too trendy, so that when you pull it out three years later, you realize those crazy embellished buttons or anything else, just isn’t for you anymore. Trends are for what you wear on the daily; but things like outerwear, in my opinion, last you so much longer if you shop for the classic style. You can ALWAYS add funky gloves or a great fur or printed scarf to make it feel more current. Simple clean lines will be something you can always work with.

Happy January friends, and I really hope these tips on finding the perfect Trenchcoat help you, or maybe someone you know! More style tips to come on Method39 so be sure to subscribe and join my Style Insiders page on FB and follow along for my day to day life on Instagram @tarynjmeyer.

xoxo Taryn

Photos by my beautiful friend who runs @Left Loop Studio – Ginger Snyder. Follow her for not only her photography of beautiful images; but her textile creations as well!

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