First Things First – Intentional Shopping


Are you a little impulsive when you shop? Like you see a cute shirt, and even better, it’s under “X” amount of dollars, so you get it just because? When was the last time you got intentional with your shopping? If you are like me, you aren’t perfect when spending those style dollars!


Last year, every woman I worked with on a wardrobe consultation had multiple pieces in their closet they never, EVER, wore. Why? Didn’t fit, was the wrong color for them or was just something they have carried around for years, with no intention to ever wear again, yet there it was. Hanging in the closet lookin’ like an option. When we got rid of them and added it up, there was around $450 in style dollars WASTED….and I know that is not a special case! We all do it to some degree, until now, right?!

NO MORE! I’m going to provide you with some of the things I keep in mind when I’m shopping. And let’s face it, with a whole new year starting, why not make spending your money wisely be a part of finding your personal style!


When you go through your closet, the first thing I recommend is to separate it into seasons. Then you know what you are REALLY working with to dress for the day. YES, tanks are great for layering with sweaters and blazers so count those in; but it’s doubtful you will pull out the floral romper in the Fall / Winter. Put all those items aside, and you won’t have as much anxiety when you stare at your closet, yet “have nothing to wear”.

Now, go through all of the items for the current season and see what fits…TODAY. Because that is when you are getting dressed. If you goal is to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle, then give yourself a solid 90 days to get there. In the meantime, you STILL want to go out and look good no matter what. Confidence and self esteem are something you should wear no matter where you are in your fitness / lifestyle journey.

When you have a closet full of things you love to look at, love to wear and feel great in, that’s gold. And it’s my goal to get you there.


What’s missing? A great blazer to pair with jeans or trousers? The Perfect T in a couple of colors? A classic pair of jeans? Closed toe boots? A couple colorful scarves to layer with in the winter or use as a light cover up in the summer? Or maybe it’s winter and you need the perfect overcoat? Spend some time thinking about what your style has evolved to and create the list. If you have just entered the work force, or just got promoted, or have left the work force to raise your kiddos or work from home, your list of things you need will be drastically different. Focus on the wardrobe you will wear the most, first.

Most of all….DO NOT BE SPONTANEOUS! I know it’s hard, how do you think I know this is a tip….learned from experience my friends! ugh….


Honestly, what is your favorite? Color, cut, style and look? If blush or crop tops are in; but you don’t like wearing it, do not buy it just because TRENDS say so. I’m a huge believer in dressing YOU the way YOU love, not what you see out there. Be an original in your own way, life is too short to blend in baby. Besides, wouldn’t you rather always have a great style, than look fab for a few months because you invested in a trend that came and went so fast it made your head spin?! No thank you! I don’t hve time OR money for that. I’ve tried to follow trends that didn’t resonate with me, and guess where those pieces ended up? Collecting dust in my closet because I just didn’t like how they looked on me, and the same is likely to happen to you.

Me? I love a classic jean without a lot of embellishment, so that if I wear them on repeat, it’s not really obvious. A great button up or solid top, whether plaid or not, sleeveless or not, is a go to so it can be untucked in the back, and I can give it my signature front tuck. I love navy, black, olive or dark green, burgandy, grey and white. Once in a while I will surprise myself with a bold color; but I’m pretty predictable with color choices! And I always accessorize….sometimes big and bold, or light and delicate; but it’s a GREAT way to add your personality. What about you? What do you LOVE when you look at it, and love just as much when you have it on?


Now that you have a bit of an idea of what your Method to Style might be, don’t get too excited and hit the malls or spend the day online shopping! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, especially in shopping. Here’s what I mean by intentional:

  1. know what you have to spend each month,
  2. then look at your list of things to get to complete a number of looks (we want our clothes to be masters of multitasking just like we are!),
  3. and choose one to get first.

Be ruthless when watching for sales; but don’t get sucked into one that is emailed to you, it may have nothing on sale that is on your list! Be patient and be a good steward of your money.

This is where I hope to be a big help to you! Are you following the Method39 Facebook page? What about the instagram feed @tarynjmeyer? Both of these places is where I will be posting all kinds of fashion suggestions, stores that are having sales, promo codes to discounts and all kinds of good stuff. Here’s what I know, you will not need the item I post, every time I post an item; but when you DO and when you are READY, maybe the item I share is what you have been looking for! Nothing would make me happier than to see you score a deal on the perfect piece because I shared it with you!!!


Stay tuned with the blog….I have committed myself to not just sharing my oufits and where to get them; but to really share more about how I make my choices and why. This may end up turning a little bit into a lifestyle category so keep your eyes peeled for that up top in my menu. This year, I want to be super intentional with where my heart seems to be leading me with the blog and all that it can offer to any who come across it. I couldn’t be more grateful you gave this article your time today, and here’s to many more chances for us to get to know each other better!

xoxo Taryn


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