Tips to Looking Stylish – Stripes


Oh how Spring and Summer just seem to SCREAM stripes! And no matter what, seersucker seems to always have a place in this season.

Huge fan of horizontal stripes over here, I have a few shirts that have been worn on repeat many times and they are almost identical! Surprised? You probably shouldn’t be based on my MONOCHROME post from last week. HA!

That striped tank is from Madewell and I wear that faithfully every summer, it looks FABULOUS with a sparkly statement necklace…in fact, it used to be my main pic on this blog for the first few months:

It looks just as good with ripped up denim and heels as it does with shorts and sandals. I like the idea of skinny stripes more so than big, thick blocky stripes because there is more room for distortion if the shirt is a little snug, and it gets in the way of the integrity of the pattern. So if you haven’t noticed before, go through your stripes in your closet…maybe it’s time for a fresh top this summer!

And as anything they can take on a different look with the material….the cotton tank is a little different from the heavier knit sweater, which has a great neckline that allows for a statement or pendant, and three quarter sleeves so you can rock an arm party without having to hike up your sleeve! Score! I actually look for that in most of my blouses.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, the trick with stripes is wearing them running in the right direction…if you want look taller, wearing vertical stripes going up and down will certainly help with that! Whereas, stripes going horizontal can give you a more curvier look.

Here’s a GREAT article I found called 12 New Ways To Wear Your Striped Shirt – I personally think they are ALL great ideas!!

The top at the back is a really nice lightweight knit that is so perfect for throwing on over a sports bra and wearing on a run in the cooler mornings, it’s also fab with jeans and some runners or slip ons like Vans. I tend to be more sporty with this; but again, great neckline and can be accessorized up or down. I wish I had that sweater in black, and in white!

Then there is the first blouse, that light blue and white seersucker pattern with the off the shoulder details, buttons, and massive white cuffs that have to be folded in half or it’s just so much cuff! Here’s a top that is a perfect example of making it your own. I saw it on a blogger and she had it totally tucked in to some faded denim and pointed toe flats. I got it, and realized it was quite long and came with a white cotton belt to wear it untucked and cinched at the waist. NOT what I expected (or planned on) at all! So me, I wear it only tucked in front, folded cuffs with a pendant necklace, the same ripped up denim shown above and my nude lace up cage booties from last summer (good ol Payless!)



So when it comes to stripes, don’t hesitate! This is a great pattern to dress up or down and TOTALLY on trend for the season!

xoxo Taryn

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