Sweaters – Necklines Make a Difference


It’s cold out there. Sweater (plus jacket and scarf) weather is HERE! Pretty much no matter where you live so that’s exciting! You may feel like a sweater is a simple and obvious addition to your seasonal wardrobe. You are correct; but it’s still not always an EASY purchase.


It goes without saying, a sweater is a year round item that can go from the office, the boardroom, ladies lunch and the stands of any sporting events! Whether it is a cardigan or a pullover, there are a few things to remember about not just how to pick the right one for you; but one that will last and last and last. You know how I love to have a few investment pieces, right? Well, a great sweater, that always fits and flatters is worth it (and it will never disappoint!)


Before we even talk about fabric, let’s talk necklines. I’ve done some research on each one and WHY they might be what you are looking for. My favorite place to look for Style Tips is actually a book I received from a very sweet friend back in 2003 called InStyle’s Secrets to Style Guide; but I am convinced these details stand true today. And if you want something slightly more current, check out this one:


I love this style. It offers full coverage across the chest; but allows for a stylish neckline that is wide enough to rest on the tops of your shoulders. Not only that, according to InStyle’s Secrets to Style Guide, the boatneck helps to make narrow shoulders appear more broad and can help in balancing out wider hips and derriere’s.

IF you have a heart shaped face and or longer neck, this style is definately great for you. Not only that, regardless of how well endowed you are, this is a pretty style.

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This one is my current personal favorite. I like it because it can show off a bit more neck and chest without showing cleavage. It can be worn as an off the shoulder look like I did here. This is also a very pretty cut on a pear shaped or again, on a woman with narrow shoulders. Showing a bit more skin than the boatneck will elongate the neck and balance out a large bust!

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We all know and love this one, or maybe it’s just me? I love this sweater for layering with a collared blouse or wear on it’s own. I think it looks amazing as part of a wardrobe for the office, as long as cleavage, or the V, doesn’t go too low. The workplace is NO place for showing off the girls.  I recommend wearing a tank underneath just to go out of your way to be appropriate and professional. Now…..should you be wearing it for evening or casual, the lower the V goes, the more slimming it will be.

Everyone can wear this style with confidence, but especially if you are on the short side, this can give the illusion that you are taller, as well as balance out a wide, round face no matter what your bust size. While this shot is not a sweater, it is a V-neck that I chose to put a black tank top under. It was family photos after all; but look! It’s true! Look how it elongated my neck and made me look taller, even though you only see half of me (or is it just wishful thinking?! haha)

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To me, this is the all time preppy style. Especially if layered with a collared shirt and a statement necklace.  It gives you full coverage from neck to wrist to waist, and will likely not be too loose fitting. It’s going to make your neck seem shorter simply because of said coverage; but be careful if you have a large bust, it may accentuate the girls!

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OK, this one is a C L A S S I C!!!!! I haven’t gotten myself a turtleneck in years; but ladies, this is a must in your wardrobe. I always love the look of a great fitting turtleneck, or even mock turtleneck with flattering trousers and a fab heel. (I say no to the Dickie….Cousin Eddie is the only person on earth who can rock that look! haha!) Not only that, all black, or Monochrome is my preference for SURE. That just screams professional (accessorized to your style of course); but also really looks fab with denim and fun boots or heels as well.

InStyle Secrets of Style does recommend that if you have a shorter neck or a larger bust, choose a lightweight knit to balance that out; but that said, it can elongate the neck (in the opposite way of the V-neck) and give the appearance of more height! SOLD!!! Pair a turtleneck, with slim leg slacks / trousers and pointed toe shoes and any vertically challenged woman will be walking tall!! I found a great article talking about the 12 Best Turtlenecks for 2018 if you want to read more about this style (and I borrowed a photo from it to share since I don’t have any pics in this style of sweater to share)!! Remember when I said they were Classic…this is a picture of Kristen Cavallari in an outfit I would have worn ANYTIME and would still wear, and this pic is from 2013!!

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xoxo Taryn

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  • Laura
    January 16, 2018

    I love a turtleneck – I just got round to getting a new black one this winter and I always feel so smart and polished in it. I personally love a crew neck too – I have a bunch and again just got around to getting a couple of new shirts to wear underneath. I love this info thank you – will definitely be thinking about it when I’m matching up outfits xx

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