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Material Matters


Not materialism.....I'm talking the actual MATERIAL of your clothing. Comes in all kinds and they all wear differently! Want a quick style tip on how to choose between them? You are in the right place! TOUCHY FEELY The one thing that online shopping eliminates, is actually feeling the fabric. We would all love it if everything could ...

My LEAST Favorite Thing!


You guys.....FOR REALZZZZ.....I cannot STAND spending time ironing!! Even though I KNOW it is crucial to having a crisp, clean look, whether going to the office or just going out of the house. There are certain pieces in the wardrobe that MUST be ironed to look nice. Dress shirts (don't be fooled by that No ...

Go Bold


Lately I've noticed that my wardrobe is very consistent with black, navy, grey and my denim! Has that ever happened to you? Once in a while I will go out of my comfort zone and that is what this top is. I like bold colors. I'm not sure why I don't buy more of them; ...